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Wed 21 Sep 2016

Why You Need To Become A Storyteller

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In today’s business, communications and media climate, you also need to know how to be a storyteller. To be competitive in your business, you have to learn how to tell your narrative and share it widely.

Although long-form and conventional journalism now share the stage with messages of 140 characters or less and images that disappear seconds after they are opened, there are so many varied ways to tell your story. You just have to discover what your story is.

Here are some ways to find your inner narrative that will engage your audience and help you to raise your profile:

Everybody has a story to tell – The more your stories resonate with people, the more likely they will be remembered and shared.

You may be thinking – “I have no stories to tell. I work, come home, feed the kids, maybe try to get to the gym. I do what I do, and it isn’t interesting.”

You are so wrong.

Every single person has a story to tell – in fact most of us have many stories to tell. The most powerful entrepreneur stories are about passion and transformation – which is something that everyone can relate to.

The entrepreneur’s story – Everyone, journalists included, loves to hear about the entrepreneur’s story – which closely resembles the classic ‘Hero Journey’ that we see in so many movies. Even if you think it doesn’t apply to your own life or business, it actually does.

First, we are called to adventure. Then (as you well know) we meet challenges and obstacles along our way. Then we achieve—we find what we were looking for. But it’s never quite that simple; we face more adversity.

And finally, we “return.” That may not mean that we go back to our hometowns, as is the case with many hero stories.  It means that we build on our successes, share our insights with others, or start another adventure.

Start telling your story – To really work though, storytelling must be done in a way that is authentic. It may even require you to be vulnerable and share your challenges and failures. This type of storytelling is intensely brave and powerful.

When you start authentically telling your story and sharing your expertise with the motivation to help others, you will be amazed with the emotional connection that you start building with people and the relationships you start developing because you are positively impacting their lives.

Take the time to uncover your entrepreneur story. You’ll find it a powerful way to share your messages with the people that matter to you.

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