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Mon 11 Apr 2016

15 Time Management Tips for a Great Work Life Balance

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Many of us struggle with work life balance, as work creeps into our lives at home. Here are some of my best tips for making sure you get a great work life balance and enjoy a more productive life.

  1. Instead of talking about how little time you’ve got, talk about how much time you do have. Train yourself to think in this way.
  2. Give yourself 5 minutes from when you turn on your computer to start working. Leaving it longer just wastes time.
  3. Value your time and other people will do the same.
  4. When you’ve got an extremely urgent deadline, ignore emails completely.
  5. Make it a habit to switch off your email and phone whenever you can even if only for 15 or 30 minutes. You’ll be amazed at how much time you’ll give back to yourself.
  6. We will often procrastinate, and if you are think long and hard about why you’re procrastinating. Is the task too difficult? Does it instil fear? Are you tired? Is it boring? Once you know why, make a plan to conquer the procrastination and get on with the task at hand.
  7. Try to end your day at the same time, every day. You can have two finishing times – one that is for the ideal day and one for the latest time that you won’t work past.
  8. Get adequate sleep!
  9. If social media is part of your job, use scheduling as you don’t have to always be on!
  10. Do a time audit for a week. Take a note of where you are spending your time on a normal week day. Also look at how much time you use for work on a weekend.
  11. Once you’ve looked at your time audit, you’ll be able to quickly see how to break up your time. Think about whether you’re spending your time in the right ways for the ultimate productivity.
  12. Consider people who drain your time. Unfortunately you’re going to have to cull them during working hours.
  13. Think about what’s draining your time and your energy. Limit these things and then spend your time in a more focused and energised way on things that matter.
  14. A big drainer of time is waiting. Often when you have half an hour before a meeting you waste it away. Use it productively.
  15. During your day get some downtime – the best is to actually take an energising walk outside if you can. Get away from your desk you’ll come back more focused. Also take mini-breaks during your day.

I hope these 15 tips will help you manage your work life balance. Do you have any other ideas?

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