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Mon 24 Sep 2018

3 Tips to Winning at Marketing

Advertising & Marketing
Are you one of the many business owners and entrepreneurs who find it difficult to chose what type of marketing you should do?

You might have started with Facebook then heard about others having had success on Instagram. At an event you may heard the speaker say it’s the design of your website that counts and so you constantly swap and change what you do, only to find nothing really works the way you would like it?! Here are 3 tips to succeed at Marketing, no matter what type you chose!

Here are 3 tips to succeed at Marketing, no matter what type you chose!

Tip Number 1:  Mastery

This is the idea of making absolutely certain you focus on one particular area to master before you go off trying to master this – master that – and master the other.

Let me give you an example of this…

One successful entrepreneur started her business and fairly quickly launched an online subscription program, making her $15,000 a month. When asked: how did you become so successful so quickly? She said: “I decided to master Facebook.”

So, rather than being out there on Instagram, out there on all sorts of different social media, LinkedIn, here there and everywhere, she decided to master one first, Facebook.

Tip Number 2: Continuous Improvement

Whatever you chose to focus on and master first, continuous improvement is an essential part of getting better and more.

Here is how that works…

Small numbers make a big difference.

If you have 10 regular customers at $500 a month each, and costs of $1,000 a month, you make $4,000

Now focus your marketing specifically on getting just 1 extra customer per month and look at decreasing your costs by 10%

Your result is $4,600 for the month.

Tip Number 3: Do what you’re good at

Often business owners focus on getting better at something. Better at closing the sale, better at using Social Media, better at doing their website and in the process become frustrated and upset with themselves. There is no power in frustration and being upset. Focus on what you are good at. One business owner I know is great at writing engaging Facebook posts but spends endless time on setting up her newsletters. Once she let that go, engaged someone else to do the newsletter and focused on her posts, she increased sales with both marketing activities!

So, start focusing on:

  • Mastery
  • Continuous development
  • And only ever doing what only we can do.

These are three very simple yet powerful tips to winning at marketing. Instead of asking: what type of marketing should I do, focus on what do I want my marketing to achieve!

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