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Thu 12 Dec 2019

5 Excellent Auto Dealership Marketing Tips, Ideas & Strategies

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Whether large or small, you can effectively market an automotive dealership business. Below are automotive marketing ideas for any budget:

There are a million passenger trucks, vehicles, buses, motorcycles, and other cars that are registered every year, thus making the automotive market one of the largest in the world. So, regardless of having large companies as competitors in the automotive industry, small businesses also can thrive by the use of right strategies. Whether large or small, you can effectively market an automotive dealership business. Below are automotive marketing ideas for any budget:

1. Hire An Expert Digital Marketer

Social media is one of the most used platforms when people are looking for an auto dealer. Hiring an expert to improve on your digital marketing can raise your social campaign management and monitoring. Customers may have distrust in the auto industry and would want to see the experiences of other customers about your car dealership company. More often, customers trust reviews from other customers on social sites such as facebook, tweeter, Instagram, etc. Maintaining a favourable interactive profile can do wonders for your reputation. A digital expert will monitor and help you manage social platforms, and also run social advertising campaigns on those sites for you. They can also offer other solutions such as digital listing management, web design, display advertising, SEO marketing, and optimisation, and any other service that can boost your presence online.

2. Develop And Post ‘How-To’ Videos On Youtube

Develop youtube videos for all the stages of purchasing a vehicle, from awareness creation, interest, intent, and purchasing. For instance, you can create videos on ‘how to’- create awareness and educate potential customer prospects. If interested, develop a video on why your dealership is better and different from other competitors. For intent, talk about the specific different brands, models, and makes to help potential buyers make a decision. Lastly, develop a video that welcomes customers to your dealership, introducing the steps of owning a vehicle, and how the car parts work as well as how to service their cars per model. Since youtube is the second largest search engine in terms of video content and volume, it ranks well in Google giving fast results to searchers.

3. Use Cloud-Based Tools For Outbound Marketing

To send emails or manual dialling to communicate to about 500 individuals, a car broker may spend a lot of cash and consume a lot of time. However, similar work can be easy and significantly cheaper through cloud-based communication tools. Having an up-to-date automotive contact centre with adaptive software that well suits the auto industry marketers can help car brokers to develop and promote their businesses. The use of such software makes it faster and more direct to communicate to customers, saving time and resources. The software can be used to alert customers on oil changes, promotions, and recalls, instantly through the text, or interactive voice messaging. It also has features that allow dealers to make automated calls, therefore, generating automatic interactive customer responses.

4. Focus On Customer Experience And Loyalty

The dealership industry is prone to changes when it comes to marketing, so more focus is needed on customer experience. It is an essential element when it comes to industry transformation. One good example here is Car Search Brokers who show how they care their customer by putting a slogan “Buying & selling a car, made easy” on their website.

Auto dealer marketers can be hard-pressed when it comes to pricing, but a strong brand logo in customer experience can differentiate a business. Secure customer experience is attained through acts such as word of mouth, improved customer’s retention, and drive referrals. While dealers may borrow ideas from one another, and make dealership look more or less the same to a customer, it is the customer experience that makes the difference. Businesses may emulate what they observe, but they can’t mimic an excellent customer experience.

5. Maintain Brand Consistency

No matter how large or small, your business is, maintaining the same brand is essential. When customers see a logo with a particular style and colour on your website, and then a different one at your business premise, it can create apprehension. Maintain your logo, colour, style and images. Also, use consistent email, phone number, and text in the same font. It will create a strong representation of your auto dealership business.

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