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Wed 14 Aug 2019

5 Office Design Ideas for a Digital Marketing Agency

Digital Technology
Here are ideas that digital marketing agencies could use to design their offices to show off their expertise.

The image of a business is not only determined by the brand quality but also by its physical appearance. How your office looks plays a big role in defining the perception of your clients. As a digital marketing agency, you want your office to reflect the creativity that you employ to help other businesses boost their sales. As such, you want to create a unique office space based on innovative ideas that enhance workplace efficiency and have a positive impact on visitors. Your office design will speak volumes about the uniqueness of your services, allowing customers to identify your inspirations. Moreover, working in an inspiring, beautiful environment acts as a motivating factor to personnel and allow them to focus more on creativity. This ensures that they can achieve higher productivity and performance levels.

Here are ideas that digital marketing agencies could use to design their offices to show off their expertise.

  • Be innovative

Since you are working in a digital marketing agency, you will need to incorporate innovative designs in your office using high-tech tools and resources. For instance, if your firm has offices in different cities, an HD video conferencing system will allow teams from different sites to work together for seamless operations. Your teams can brainstorm and share creative ideas perfectly without dealing with the frustrating phone calls and messaging. You might also want to consider having a stylishly furnished lounge in your office where employees can relax when taking a break. In this space, include a screen where people can watch movies or play video games to reboot their mind. When different teams get together in the lounge, they can share ideas efficiently and explore different projects as per your clients’ needs.

  • Incorporate modern designs

Instead of having offices with desks and chairs, you can transform yours by installing a fireplace, a pub, laser-cut decorations, and including a trendy kitchen to promote a social feel. This will allow your team to interact with clients freely and brainstorm with colleagues to come up with brilliant ideas.

  • Include bright coloured office accessories

It is always a great idea for digital marketing agencies to design their space using bright coloured accessories. For instance, having red chairs placed in an open space and setting some fresh flowers on a white table will significantly enhance the appearance of your office. It will not only appear elegant while showcasing your sophistication but also improve the mood of the personnel. With it, you will have highly motivated employees who can develop quality ideas for increased productivity. The positive atmosphere allows people to become passionate about achieving the set goals innovatively and creatively. Including art on the walls like beautiful paintings and pictures will also bring life to the office.

  • Try Hammocks

A hammock is a hanging bed made of a netted material that is suspended between two posts so that it can swing easily. Including hammocks in your office gives the personnel a special space to recuperate once the desk and chair become uncomfortable. Sometimes sitting on a chair for too long may be overwhelming, thus affecting a person’s ability to come up with new ideas. Sleeping on a hammock has a relaxing effect because the back and forth swinging helps clear your mind to ensure you’re refreshed.

  • Try Having a Colourful Animal Around

Including a colourful animal like a pink deer in your office is an effective way of creating positive energy. Besides keeping the employees energized for improved creativity, such an animal builds a welcoming atmosphere for clients. You want your customers to feel comfortable in your office, and a colourful animal helps people feel at ease. It also lightens up the mood in the office, thus eliminating the possibility of sadness or depression that could ultimately hinder service delivery.

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