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Mon 4 Jul 2016

5 Outstanding Industries With Most Women In Management

Human Resources and Career Advice

Ladies are still facing obstacles when it comes to attaining and maintaining a decent job. Women’s status in the workforce has improved. However, they still struggle for equality in most positions. Over the past decade, the number of women in senior managerial roles has indicated a very slight improvement. However, most ladies have broken the protocol and are striving to get the top jobs even in the male-dominated industry like the construction and real estate sector.

Education Sector

Women internationally dominate the teaching profession with 75% of the total employees in the industry being women. This is one of the jobs that are traditionally deemed as suitable for ladies.Even today, education is among the top careers for women. Men held most of the managerial positions in the past. However, in the recent past, women have shown significant improvements that despite dominating the industry, they also run it. Female leaders in the education sector have exceptional qualities that make them fit for the job. They are gentle, intuitive, receptive to ideas, cooperative, and expressive.

Social Services

Women leaders invade this sector. It has transformed from being a male-dominated sector to having female and male share the same proportion or even being female-dominated. Most women opt to join the social sector since most organizations in the industry are state-owned, which means that the employees in these companies will not only have a good income but will also have job security.

Construction and Real Estate Industry

Most women with managerial positions at real estate businesses start off their career by fighting to gain respect from their male colleagues. Most people believe that female managers in the real estate industry have qualities of a good real estate agent. They have desirable qualities especially when it comes to dealing with clients, and solving personnel issues.

Males still hold a bigger percentage in the real estate industry. Nevertheless, women are showing more interest in the industry. The main reason why most females are joining the real estate sector is due to its flexible work schedule that favors family considerations. Getting your real estate license is not a walk in the park. Nevertheless, women are ready to attend the tough pre-license training for them to acquire a permit.

Healthcare Sector

73% of health service and medical managers are female. Women are at the core of healthcare decisions even in a family setup. As administrators in the health sector, women offer firsthand views as clients. They then assist in defining and advancing these experiences, making the health sector more users friendly, efficient, and convenient. As medical professionals, women bring empathy as well as improved communication skills. This is one of the industries where women can lead naturally.

Financial Services

In the recent past, women have tried to end male dominance in managerial positions in the financial sector. Even though women in the administrative positions in this industry face many obstacles on their way to success, they have proved to be resilient and determined to do whatever it takes to get them to the top.Most financial organizations are discovering that sustaining a diverse and distinctive leadership culture is vital for the company to thrive in the marketplace.

The deficiency of women in leadership roles is grabbing the global spotlight. More women have to get on board. This is not about the social concerns. It is all about risk management, talent retention, and legislative implications that come along when women are in leadership positions. Women are stretching out of their comfort zones and are ready to grab the leadership roles in various sectors of the economy.

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