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Fri 15 Feb 2019

5 Tips For Effective Networking Introductions

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Don’t be a name, rank, serial number. One of the best types of Introductions is the one which connects with the listener on a personal level and leaves them asking for more information please.

Regardless of the type of networking group you join, the time will come when you will be asked to introduce yourself and your business to the group. Or it may be a chance to introduce yourself at a conference, to a client, or to pitch a new business idea to a joint venture partner.

Too many newcomers to networking take this as an invitation to sell their products or their business; and instead of an informative introduction we get a protracted sales pitch.

Don’t be a name, rank, serial number.  One of the best types of Introductions is the one which connects with the listener on a personal level and leaves them asking for more information please.

  1. Change Your Thinking: Stop selling products or services! Start solving problems! Know what problems you solve for your client/customer. When you know this it is easier to decide what types of businesses or companies would benefit from your solutions.
  2. Share Stories: Tap into the emotion. People resonate with stories. Stories grab their attention. Use stories to highlight the problems and your solutions. Share the amazing results you achieve to your audience – if they have the same problems, and want the same outstanding results, they will see the connection and need to speak with you.
  3. Offer Solutions: Share what the benefits would be using your solutions. Showcase the results others have had when applying your solutions to their problems. Where possible include verbal testimonials and case studies.
  4. Highlight differences: Identify your points of difference and share with your audience. Include the reason why your solutions are probably more effective than your competitors.
  5. Time: The timing of your introduction/elevator pitch will depend on the time you have been allocated. The concept of the elevator pitch came from the time you enter the lift to the time you get out, to introduce yourself to someone. I recommend preparing a 2 minute, 1 minute and a 30 second one sentence. Be aware of time and keep to the time.

Bonus: Speak clearly. Be audible and speak at a moderate pace. It’s no good having the best planned introduction if no-one can hear or understand you. Practice by recording yourself and listening. Are you clear? Are you audible? Ask someone to give you feedback when you are doing your introductions.

Most importantly be you – let your passion for your business show and connect with the listeners.

What changes will you make to your next introduction at a network meeting?


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