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Sun 20 Mar 2016

5 Twitter Tips For Lead Generation

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With over 316 million users, Twitter represents a massive opportunity for businesses to generate a consistent flow of targeted leads, day in, day out. 

From freelance writers to workplace safety companies, anyone can now tap into the power of Twitter to find, connect and engage with their ideal customers using the 5 tips below:

Twitter tip 1: Use Twitter lead generation cards

A Twitter lead generation card is a tweet with an image and a call to action. When people click on the call to action, their name and email address is automatically stored for you. This is also known as a “one-click optin”, which means prospects don’t have to manually enter their contact details, Twitter automatically registers their name and email associated to their Twitter account.

Twitter tip 2: Use Twitter advanced search

Although only a few people use the “Twitter advanced search”, it remains a very powerful lead generation tool as it allows you to syphon leads that match your exact search criteria.

For example, if you’re a hairdresser in Brisbane looking to attract more clients, the Twitter advanced search allows you to find people who have tweeted “I need a hair cut” and who live in Brisbane.

Twitter tip 3: Use Twitter ads

If you’re new to Twitter and still don’t benefit from a large enough audience to experience returns, Twitter ads can quickly generate the leads you need to run your business. Twitter ads allow you to advertise your lead generation funnel and offers in depth targeting options. Twitter’s powerful audience segmentation features will allow you to be exposed to a very defined audience and experience results quite fast.

Twitter tip 4: Use Twitter sweepstakes

Competitions are a powerful way to generate buzz around a business while also gathering many email leads. The key to successful Twitter sweepstakes for lead generation is making sure they have low barriers to entry with easy-to-follow rules to entice as many people as possible to enter. It is also critical the prize offered in exchange for people’s contact details has high-perceived value.

Twitter tip 5: Use Twilert

Twilert is a Twitter monitoring tool that sends you email alerts every time certain keywords or hashtags on Twitter, allowing you to address enquiries relevant to your business in real time. If you’re a personal trainer for example, you can easily set an twilert to be notified as soon as someone tweets “I need to lose weight” or “I need a personal trainer”.

These 5 powerful Twitter lead generation tactics, when implemented consistently can bring you a constant flow of leads with little to no cost at all so you never have to worry again about where your next customer is going to come from!

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