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Tue 3 Apr 2018

#50 Do Your Due Diligence

Business Planning & Strategies

Like any industry, to really excel at the top of your speaking game, you need to be the “best you” and associate with positive people. However, sometimes people are not really what they seem.

Recently, a female colleague of mine entered into a friendship with a male she met on a dating site. The male did disclose that he had a major life threatening physical illness. I warned my colleague about entering into a new friendship let alone a relationship as the association was online and fraught with hurt because of significant health issues.

A friendship did blossom and progressed to an intimate relationship, very quickly and very deeply.

As a short time passed, there seemed to be a few disconnects with his stories of illness, medical appointments and grandiose connections and plans for his limited future.

After chatting with my friends and them meeting him, their conclusion of inconsistencies also supported my own gut feeling.

As a speaker, I have also been burnt by people masquerading as speakers/business people they aren’t. I personally have invested a significant amount of money with unknowingly fraudulent people.

So I strongly urge you to really do your due diligence when entering into a partnership/relationship with people for your speaking engagements.

It could save you time, money and a whole lot of heartache!

If you would like to learn more about public speaking, please contact me.

See you on the stages of the world.

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Pix Jonasson is a dynamic, award-winning businesswoman, National Peace Ambassador, International Speaker, Author & Writer, Communications and PR Consultant, Funpreneur and Social Marketing Pro.  She can be contacted via Email: Skype: pix2166


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