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Mon 14 May 2018

#51 Get Your Media Kit

Ok so you are a speaker. That’s great. To be truly considered an authority or an expert in your field, wonderful opportunities abound if you have a book and are a published author.

As they say “Everyone has a book in them!” I believe this as each and every person has amazing stories to share.

However, obviously not everyone will go ahead and write their book. If you do go ahead, like me, it is a great idea to have Media Kit. It’s a great idea to have one even if you don’t have a book. Focus on your speaking presentations then.

A Media Kit is a great snapshot overview for the media, your audience, potential clients and sponsors to quickly learn about you, your book (or presentation) and what they will learn from your book (or presentation).

Do you want to be a renowned speaker, established authority and the go-to person on a specific topic or niche? If so, my question to you is: Do you have a Media Kit? If not, why not? Go on, make it easier for you to connect and be understood by your audience. Get a Media Kit even without a book! I can assist you with this one if you need it.

If you would like to learn more about public speaking, please contact me.

See you on the stages of the world.

Dream BIG

The Couragepreneur

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