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Wed 27 Mar 2024

MBA study update: technology leadership module

Business Planning & Strategies
MBA study Kath Kemp

MBA study update below from WNA scholarship recipient Kath Kemp!

We are well into the Technology Leadership module. This is not a comfortable space for me to be in; let’s say it’s not my forte! Having said this, we have an amazing lecturer, Dr Nai Qwuarels, who is from Texas. The lectures and course material are very detailed, with many of their incredibly informative and entertaining videos by experts in their fields from across the world.

One of my favourites who explains Big Data analytics and its application to business is Ray Sharma; he is just one of those genius people who is across everything in his field and explains all of this (new to me) tech stuff with such ease! You can see him speak on YouTube if you’re interested. Due to the course being so well delivered, I am finding that I am enjoying the subject very much, and my understanding of it is becoming comprehensive.

We can’t bury our heads in the sand about Big Data, generative AI or AI in general; it’s here and it’s moving at a faster rate than we can comprehend (unless you’re Ray Sharma!). I’m finding all the information quite liberating as I know that it is something that we all have to embrace, but I really did not know how to go about it.

For this module’s assignment, we have to prepare a case study analysis by identifying a real-life business problem or business decision to be made and proposing a realistic solution using big data. I will be using Ruby Red Jewellery for this assignment as there are so many ideas I’d like to apply big data to in order to make business operations more efficient, and with the new website in design this year, there are many big data ideas that I have for it, including using augmented reality.

Our cohort has grown a lot in this module, and there are so many clever people out there in our world contributing to the discussion assignments. One of those stars is Joanne Brooks, another WNA member who is well-informed on this subject. I have been enjoying seeing her input and name come up in the discussion forum, and I look forward to a private session with her today to talk about applying big data to small businesses.

As always, I am surprising myself every step of the way, and even though we are all so busy with running companies, family and, in my case, events, I somehow find the time to get into this extremely rich and interesting MBA. It is changing how I look at the world and pushing me to make changes in my own company, which I find very exciting and a little daunting!

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