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Mon 25 Mar 2024

Happy Easter Everyone

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What Does Easter Mean To You

As the weather cools down and the leaves begin to turn it can only mean one thing – EASTER!

Happy Easter everyone, I hope you have some time planned to spend with family and friends and savour the last of the beautiful weather before the cold creeps in.  The significance of Easter varies greatly amongst us, mainly influenced by cultural, religious, and personal beliefs.

To me Easter has always been synonymous with family get togethers, lots of food and laughter and creating lasting memories, including easter egg hunts, new flannelette Jim Jams for the kids and lots of chocolate! Also, it usually meant a road trip out to Goondiwindi to see the family, complete with the family kelpie who always seemed to have a strong bowel issue the entire way out!  Easter also heralds the much-awaited cooler weather and the turning of the leaves and Mother Nature putting on a spectacular colour show.

For many Easter holds profound religious significance as it commemorates the resurrection of Jesus, symbolizing hope, redemption and the promise of new life.   Across the globe, diverse cultures celebrate Easter in unique ways, blending religious customs with local traditions such as parades and festivals.

So however you choose to celebrate Easter, lets embrace the spirit of gratitude, love and togetherness, and whether you celebrate with family, friends or loved ones afar, may your holiday be filled with joy, laughter and plenty of chocolate or a Graziers Daughter hamper😊

If you are planning a road trip I wish you safe and peaceful travels.

Take care until we meet again.




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