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Thu 15 Jul 2021

6 Reasons Custom Clothing is the Future of Fashion

For a long time, fashion brands have preferred the standard sizing clothing system for mass production of one-size-fits-all garments. Furthermore, it isn't very pleasant strolling in town only to spot two or more other individuals donning the same clothing as yourself.



Consequently, custom clothing, also known as personalized clothing or made-to-measure clothing, will favour today’s ever fashion-conscious customer. As a customer, you can participate in creating and designing personalized clothing.

In addition, technological advances have led to the advent of automated tailoring machines with the design capabilities of the customer’s demands; thus, custom clothing will continue to trend into the future.

Below are the reasons custom clothing is the future of fashion.

1. Flattering Cuts and Styles

Unlike off-the-rack garments, tailor-made garments give you a say on the design of your garment at some stage. You can input the shape, colour, stripe pattern, and prints your garments will have. For instance, through direct to garment printing, T-shirt lovers have the freedom to print anything desirable based on tastes and style on the garment. Tailor-made clothes are always cut according to your skin, thus accentuating your best qualities and body shape. Seasoned professional tailors have been in the game for a long time and will no doubt knit the finest garment for you.

2. Well-Fitting Clothing

There is nothing as disappointing as purchasing a nice piece of clothing from a ready-to-cloth store only to find them undersized or, even worse, baggy and oversize. Custom clothes are known to be well-knit and fitting, leaving just enough room for your comfort, especially for sports clothes like yoga pants or sports bras. Tailored garments make you look better and sharper. The only way to look good and presentable is by donning well-fitting clothing that accentuates your body. Custom clothing is meant to achieve all these exactly.

3. Long-lasting Garments

Custom clothing is knit from the highest quality fabrics like linen rarely used in off-the-rack mass-produced clothing. In addition, many other aspects such as length of the stitch, interfacing, and even the textile weight are well premeditated. All these put together get you the finest garment and one that maintains its shape for long. Ultimately, the carefully selected quality material used in custom clothing brings out their maximum performance besides limiting the need for tailored clothes to require repairs.

4. Saves Time and Energy for Shopping

Not everybody loves running up and down the clothing fashion stores, with all the hassles of trying to find better fitting ready-to-cloth garments. On the other hand, custom clothing only requires you to take measurements with your tailor. You then agree with your tailor on the timelines due to collect your garments. You save lots of time that could be spent trying to match with “standard size,” which manufacturers rely on in mass production of one-size-fits-all clothing.

5. The Garment is High Quality and Finish

The main objective of one-size-fits-all stuff is cost-effective mass production. Quality is never a priority. Custom clothes, on the other hand, are handled by professional tailors who inspect every detail meticulously. You have a chance to choose a fabric of your desired quality before your cloth is tailored. You can even choose how your garment is woven to suit the climatic conditions. Ultimately, custom clothes are made based on your demands.

6. Concluding Remarks

The enormous growth in customized clothing is set to continue being witnessed and change the idea of retail fashion. The strongest evidence is the swiftness with which major fashion brands shifted to custom clothing. The customized clothing industry is the one to watch as the fashion brands strive to stamp their authority in setting new standards.

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