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Sun 28 May 2017

6 Red Hot Tips To Article Marketing

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Article Marketing is using articles you write to promote your expertise and show you have the answers or solution to the problems your target audience is facing.

To make sure that your articles get read, enjoyed and shared, here are six red hot tips how to set them up. These tips will help you make your articles readable and interesting.

1.Grab Attention

Write attention-grabbing titles and headers. If your title can entice a person’s curiosity you’re already halfway to get it read. Use statements and questions that utilize keywords that people are searching for. This increases your articles being found organically, by search.

2. Super Sub-headings

Use Sub-headings to sub-divide your paragraphs on the page. Doing this will break each point into sections and makes it easy to read. Online reading is often done from headline to headline rather than every word. So if your headlines and subheadings give the article’s overview the reader will go back and read the details.

3. Keep it Short

Use short paragraphs. The online reader’s attention span is short so you want to hold the reader’s attention with little but powerful to the point text. Paragraphs can be a single sentence, sometimes even a single word!

4. Bullets and Numbers

Make use of numbers or bullets. As each point is presented, numbers and bullets can quickly make the point easy to read and remember. Starting with a bullet or number signals the readers it is important.

5. Keep the Interest

Keeping the reader interested from the start to the finish on your webpage article signals the search engine that you have relevant and important information. From your opening paragraph to the end, engage the reader as if he/she is right in the ‘story’ you are telling. Write as if you were telling the reader what you have to say, across the table. Use real life situations that the reader can identify with.

6. Facts and Figures

Utilize facts and figures where possible and fitting. Using specific facts and figures can capture the reader’s attention and hold it to read more because it makes the article authoritative.

A good idea is to write a series of article headlines in one go. Then add to each headline a few bullet points. When you go back later to write the article, you are already half way to your article been written.

Use your articles on your blog posts and send notice of them via your email newsletter to your list. Post snippets of your articles in Social Media and lead the reader back to your website via links. Align with complimentary products and services and offer articles to those businesses. This creates visibility and we are all always looking to publish new and relevant content, not necessarily our own

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