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Mon 14 Jun 2021

7 Reasons to Stay at a Farm Stay for a Vacation in Australia

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A vacation filled with sunshine, fresh food, and…wait…animals? Here are 7 reasons why staying and, surprisingly, working on a farm could make this year the best vacation ever:




1. Connect with Product Sources

Buying a steak and potatoes at the market often disconnects us from the place these products are sourced. You are what you eat… and you are also what you just ate. Staying on a working farm brings mindfulness to your daily life by paying attention to how a vegetable is grown or what kind of feed makes the healthiest meat.

2. Visit the Animals

Watching an egg hatch or rubbing sheep wool wakes a sensory experience in ourselves. Most farm stays have a variety of animals that cause us to use our five senses in ways that daily work life does not. Connecting with those senses is a stress-relieving activity, which is the whole point of a vacation. You can find all kinds of animals on a farm, even alpacas and camels!

3. Health Benefits

Getting outside, breathing fresh air, and moving our limbs is what doctors have been telling us to do for years to be healthier. When you stay on purpose at a farm, every day is filled with health-giving activity. Or, if your heart is set on resting, farm stays offer great views, sunny spots, and fresh healthy food.

4. Work Up an Appetite

Never feel bad about how much you ate on vacation. Nothing builds an appetite like a good day’s work on a farm. Not to mention, farm kitchens usually bring out the best in food, as it comes right from the source. Farm stays often make an entire meal based on their produce, and you can take pride in contributing to what’s on your plate.

5. Give Back

It’s no secret that gift-givers receive joy. Instead of a self-focused vacation, try spending it with an attitude of giving your time and be surprised how the benefits follow you home. Many vacationers start a long-lasting relationship with local farmers to support their farms and buy better-tasting food.

6. Dress the Part

The kid in us still loves to play dress-up, or maybe the whole family! A farm stay vacation gives you an excuse to put on the coveralls and a cowboy hat and strut your stuff. Talk about a picture-perfect opportunity!

7. Bring Home the Stories

No more boring vacation conversations. Wait until you talk about the goose that chases everybody or the way Dad milked a goat. At a farm stay, you’ll have a collection of story-filled photos to share with all your friends.

Bonus – Suggestion for a Farm Stay in Australia

Have a dairy adventure just north of Brisbane on the Sunshine Coast, and not just cows mind you. Ride off into the sunset on horseback and sample fresh produce straight from the grove.

In this southeastern region of New South Wales, you will find delicious farm-grown meals practically picked your plate. Find farm stays near the capital city of Sydney that include a day with sheep or out for a trail ride.


Beautiful farm country in southeastern Victoria offers many farm stays focused on relaxing in natural surroundings. Enjoy the views, visit the animals, and eat fresh local fare.

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