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Fri 6 Jul 2018

Accept Life’s Gift To You: The Present

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Living in your personal power is very much about being in the Present.

If you are back in the Past you are living with the shoulds, if onlys and regrets.  If you are out in the Future you are living with the what ifs, whether empowering or disempowering, and note, they only exist in your imagination.  The only moment that is real is right here, right now. The rest, Past and Future, are only in your mind.  It’s what you choose to do in the Present, your actions, inactions, how you choose to feel, what you think about, all create your future.  That’s why it is critical to stay focussed in the Present, so you end up creating the Future you desire.

By all means jump in your mental Tardis and travel out into the Future, imagine what you’d love to experience, and come back to the Present to take action on making it real. Likewise, if you have a tendency to tell yourself scary “What if?” stories, ensure you come back to the Present and take action to ensure that negative situation either doesn’t happen, or if it does, you are well prepared. Just scaring yourself silly will leave you frozen with fear, unable to pick up the telephone or say yes to an opportunity.

If you are feeling stressed, anxious or tense, chances are you’re either back in the Past or out in the Future. Bring yourself back to now, stand or sit somewhere different, breathe slowly in for 3, and out for 6 several times, to calm your pulse. Remind yourself, “Right here, right now, I’m safe.”  Relaxing will allow your pain to ease, your thoughts to clear and your brains to function more compassionately, effectively and creatively to find wise solutions for you, with the courage to action those solutions.

Given you have no guarantee you will even be alive tomorrow, every moment you enjoy and truly experience creates the overall happiness rating of your life. Every moment you stretch and challenge yourself gives you purpose, meaning and satisfaction.  Whatever your ‘work’ and your ‘play’, they are your life.  Aim for Life Balance, putting yourself on one side of the scales, and whatever mix of work, play, relationships, fun, health etc you need to feel balanced in that moment. The mix will change as your daily life does.  Whenever you feel out of sorts, unbalanced, just notice what you need to add or remove to regain your balance in your life. Only you know the best mix for you.

Take back control of your life and shed those fears and doubts by bringing yourself back to the present where, right here, right now, you are safe. Breathe, and get back into making the most of your life by bringing out the best in yourself in everything you do. Ask for help if you need it, then have fun!

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