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Wed 3 Jul 2019

And the Gold Logie goes to…

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What do you do when you receive word that your handcrafted jewellery has been chosen to be included in the Gift Bags for the seven Gold Logie Nominees?

The ONLY jewellery designer to be represented in these said gift bags. Well, you pop a bloody bottle of champagne that’s what you do! (Because you have a bottle on ice at all times, for this very occasion…you just never know!)


And THEN to be followed by an article in the Daily Mail UK! That’s just icing on the cake!  To say that I’m BEYOND excited is an understatement! I’m over the freakin’ MOON!

So what does one do when an opportunity like this presents itself? One does research! I googled. I stalked. I certainly didn’t want to present each of the seven Gold Logie Nominees the exact same piece of jewellery (although that would have been easier for me) I wanted to customise each piece to suit their personality, their colouring, their style. So yes, I researched.

Only two of the seven Gold Logie nominees were women. Hhhhmmm. More research.  Do the men have wives? Female partners? Well, at least they have mothers!

Whilst researching, I got a feel for their style.

Amanda Keller is a very stylish lady and loves to dress up. I had a sense of the bold and fearless with Amanda. A Pagoni statement piece for her! A beautiful black feather necklace with iridescent feathers that reflect the light beautifully as she moves.

Eve Morey is soft and a little bit boho.  I designed a soft cream and caramel feather necklace for her.

Tom Gleeson, Rodger Corser and Waleed Aly have wives (phew)

Tom’s wife is dark and petite, black feathers for her that frame her face but do not overwhelm her petiteness.

Renae Berry (Rodger’s wife) has beautiful long fair hair and I knew she would smash the Long feather earrings in caramel, chocolate with a scattering of stripes.

Susan Carland (Waleed’s wife) wears a hijab. It’s difficult to wear a necklace with a hijab but I could see that she absolutely loved wearing statement earrings! So I designed a pair of statement earrings to compliment her colouring – long feather earrings in silvery grey with a scattering of shiny black feathers.

Costa Georgiadis and Sam Mac are single. It was difficult to design without having a face or personality to focus on. So I decided that a pair of small feather earrings would be pretty awesome and they could gift it to each of their mothers.  I chose feathers in a soft teal. Very elegant and quite understated. When I saw that Sam Mac invited his mother to the Logies and what she was wearing…Jackpot! The earrings I designed would have complimented her gown perfectly!

Of course, each piece was accompanied by a personalised note from me.

I highly recommend that you research your subjects. If you don’t have anyone to ask, you can find out a lot of information from Google! Get a feel for them before you pitch a service or a product to them. They will be surprised and delighted that you took the time.

Warm regards
Kassandra Behrendt
CEO & Creative Director

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