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Thu 20 Apr 2017

Are You Speaking the Same Language

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Keeping and increasing customers is what makes a business and ‘marketing’ is the tool to do this. However it seems that many business owners are getting worried about how to do that successfully.

At a recent networking event the number one fear was the decline in achieving to get new customers and the decline in customers coming back to buy again.

While for some businesses recognising their own value has kept prices steady previously, the current experience seems to be that businesses are undercutting each other in the attempt to get new customers and more business.

Dropping prices to get customers and market share is not a sustainable strategy. It never has been.

So, what is at the source of getting and keeping customers?

Let’s be clear, wouldn’t you prefer to have the customer simply come and WANT to buy what you have on offer?

Think about it, who is there who’s already doing that? Yes, your existing customers! And here is how easy your marketing can be to get new customers and current and past ones to come back:

Servicing existing customers better

Customer surveys provide you with information on how your customers feel about the level of service and the type of products you provide. They tell you what you’re doing right and wrong so you can improve and pre-empt any possibility of a customer becoming disgruntled. A high level of customer satisfaction almost guarantees loyalty and wanting to buy from you.

Customer surveys also reveal the language your customers speak!

In order to attract new customers with your marketing your language used in your offers needs to match that of your customers!

Getting more from existing customers

Ever had a customer say “I didn’t know you did that”, or “ I didn’t know you have that product”? Most businesses have. Yet not many actually do something about it. But think, how easy is it to offer further product and services to already happy customers? In fact, think about how the simple question: “Would you like fries with that, medium or large?” achieves substantial extra sales. Without selling. Just using language!

Happy customers expand your business for you

When you have happy customers who understand what you offer and the value you provide, they bring friends to also buy from you. By implementing a referral system based on surveying your customers what they would say to friends about you, you can take control over this aspect and create a flow of new customers on a small budget.

There you have it, speaking the same language is at the source of attracting new customers. It’s easy and low cost marketing. Once you speak the same language, you’ll make ‘friends’ easy!

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