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Mon 3 Jul 2017

Be a Collaborator

Business Planning & Strategies
From me to we - Janine Garner

I am an avid reader of business and personal development books and biographies. One of the latest books on my bedside table that I’m reading at present is by Janine Garner, “From Me to We”.

I bought the book after I recently saw Janine present at a Leadership Academy for my health and wellness business in Sydney.

I am learning the secrets to authentically being myself and importantly, how to align opportunities for myself and my business.

I guess I have always been a “people-person” so now I know I can build a diverse network that pushes boundaries and stretches thinking. And that’s perfectly okay. I totally understand that with my courageous collaborations, I can now generate a highly-engaged and motivated community that will future-proof my business and create my success. I know I am a person who, with the right ‘team’ or ‘network’ aka the right commercial collaborations, I can now embrace my worth and move ‘From Me to We’.

If you are feeling stuck, looking to “Do, Be and Have” more, be courageous…be a collaborator…you deserve it. Your audience deserves it. You can do it. Go for it.

See you on the stages of the world. Dream BIG.

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