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Thu 6 Apr 2017

Be Authentic….And Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

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After going through some pretty tough times emotionally and financially over the past year or so, I had been “putting it out there” so to speak. And pun intended!

The topic of mindfulness has been on my radar….my RAS, my Reticular Activating System.

Recently I posted a comment on FB and tagged a few people I know who are familiar with mindfulness. It’s amazing the connections across the globe who also commented and connected with me regarding my post.

I followed up with a couple of recommendations from that post as I treat life and learning as a smorgasbord – I check out things on offer, then decide.

Whilst speaking with one connection, I totally resonated with her. I had been practising the Law of Attraction, doing my affirmations, being grateful and “all that stuff”. But it just wasn’t happening for me over the past few months. I wasn’t where I wanted to be in life, nor was I seeing a way out of, or through, my personal and professional challenges.

My recent breakthrough was to absolutely let go of the destination, not focus on ‘the how’, just be, live for and in ‘the now’. Not go with my head, but go with my heart.

Once I truly opened my heart, started being my true, authentic self and realising I am the messenger and not the message, my life totally opened up to new opportunities, experiences and, dare I say it, successes, prosperity and abundance in all areas of my life.

I have secured regular stable income, found a loving, supportive partner, made even more beautiful global connections and totally stopped looking for what was holding me back. I have LET GO!

I am now being the authentic Pix, living life and loving life. And it is wonderful the ‘tribe’ I am attracting due to my new found ‘vibe’!

I have BIG goals as I know one of my gifts is communication and I would be selfish not to share the messages that will be delivered through me.

As I said though, I am simply the messenger, not the message. But again, I do know….I am authentic….and my vibe attracts my tribe.

Here’s to your speaking success! See you in the stages of the world.

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