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Tue 26 Jul 2016

Become An Author

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You may have heard that everyone has a book in them. Well…I truly believe that. Whilst everyone may have a book in them…not everyone will go ahead and get that book out on ‘paper’ and published.

After being inspired by a few key people of influence I had been speaking with recently and receiving a ‘kick in the butt’ from them to actually progress my book concept, I have bitten the bullet and am in the process of getting my first book published. “Think And Grow Rich After Hours” is based of Napoleon Hill’s original Think And Grow Rich book, written nearly 80 years ago.

To be wealthy, or simply to achieve a goal, you must follow a recipe or a proven formula. “Think And Grow Rich After Hours” is simply just that….a recipe for success…a formula that works. Individuals have personally used this method to achieve proven results, desired outcomes and significant wealth.

There is a saying: “You make a living 9am to 5pm….You make a life after 5pm”.

Self made millionaire Jim Rohn once said ‘your wealth is an average of the 7 people you spend the most time with’. Think And Grow Rich After Hours brings 7 people that I love to spend time with!

The book showcases how 7 Expert MENTORS have been successful, made their money and created their wealth after hours. The book “parts the curtains” and unveils their own recipes for success…their personal formula for success, making money, even millions on occasions.

As a public speaker, the importance of being a published cannot be understated. You instantly become the expert, gaining valuable media exposure and those ever-sought after speaking engagements.

In my book, you will learn how to become the best person you can be, achieve your dreams and goals, secure your financial freedom and live the life you not only hope for, but deserve!

Your speaking is a Business, treat it as such and become a published author on your topics/passions. It will rewards you immensely. 

Here’s to your speaking success. See you on the stages….and in the bookstores and online!


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