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Sun 9 Apr 2017

But There Are Already So Many Books on This Topic…

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But there are already so many books on this topic - Dyan Burgess

It would be almost impossible to find a topic that hasn’t already been written about in some way. But this is not a reason to not write a book. In fact it is a reason to write your book.

American life coach and author, Marie Forleo, speaks eloquently about the importance of writing a book in your own words on your topic of expertise. By saying what you have to say in your own style, you have the chance to resonate with a new audience that may not have understood or known about the information before.

Marie uses a personal example. She explains how her partner kept suggesting that she try green juices and supplements for her health. However, it wasn’t until she finally read a book that resonated with her personally, that she finally started to listen to his advice.

Most of us can relate to this type of experience. Maybe you’ve ignored an idea for years until you finally read something that made sense to you. Or maybe you’ve been at a conference where you’ve heard two different people speak on a similar topic; one that completely bamboozled you, and one that completely captivated you.

If this sounds familiar, this further supports you writing your version of how you see the world.

Remember that everyone has their own way of learning and understanding. So by sharing your story with others you may create just what someone has been waiting for.

So, what are you waiting for? We want to hear your story.

I would love to see your questions and comments in the comments box below.

Your real life examples, comments and questions will allow us to dive deeper into each of the above questions and perhaps provide other readers answers to their questions. It’s a win-win for all.

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