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Mon 17 Feb 2020

Chapters of our Lives – You are not alone

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We all live through many chapters of our life, some great, some not so great. No matter how difficult a chapter is you can get through it and actually learn valuable lessons to carry forward to the next one. When one chapter finishes be open to the next one and live in the now we never know what is around the corner. Read more from Liz Buchanan.

A gloomy, rainy day with the roads impacted by floods, saw the first Women’s Network Australia event for the year, but the sun finally broke through!

A record number of slightly more than 50 women networked, chatted and ate a delightful morning tea! Official proceedings started with our Table Topic with their best business tips moving forward.

Tracey Mathers provided an introduction for today’s guest speaker, Kym Goldup-Graham. It was a true testament to the friendship and bond between these two ladies.

Kym’s talk was entitled ‘Chapter of Our Lives – you are not alone”.  Kym shared the stories of her life in such an engaging and inspiring way that we all wanted more!

With chapters that included studying forensic science, having a career in the police force – even being an (f) investigating pedophiles and rapists (not a career for everyone), then shifting to being a successful entrepreneur, sewing expert and keynote speaker/trainer travelling the world!

Kym certainly has written a colourful novel with so many more exciting chapters to come, and I for one, can’t wait for the next page turner.

The lesson to be learned from today’s talk (as we all know, everything has a lesson) – ‘even in the dark days, there is a silver lining. You just never know when things are going to happen’.

Today’s event was just as WNA’s new banner says “Empowered Women, empowering women” but what it also felt like was a group of women brightening up each other’s new chapters of life!

So let that sun shine through.

Read more about the event in the Social Pages of  Indulge Magazine.

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