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Tue 12 Oct 2021

Christmas Gift Ideas for Clients

Advertising & Marketing
Christmas is a great time to show your appreciation for your best clients, with a thoughtful gift.

As busy women in business, it can be hard to take the time to shop or organise a little ‘something special’ – so we’ve taken the hard work out of finding the perfect gift for your clients this Christmas.


From delicious meringues to soothing self-care products, the hunt for the perfect gift stops here. And while you’re at it, you can purchase one of these spectacular gifts for yourself too!

Dolce Organico Meringues

Looking for a sweet gift that is suitable for all dietary requirements?

Dolce Organico meringues are made only from plant-based ingredients. They are suitable for vegans, coeliacs, and most allergy-free individuals as they are egg-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free. Created from organic ingredients, a jar of Dolce Organico meringues is sure to bring a smile to your client’s face!

Available in a range of flavours including coffee, vanilla, raspberry, pink champagne, limoncello and hazelnut. They can also provide corporate gift meringues, personalising your meringue jar to include your company logo and a note… how cute!

Crystal Smelling Salts 

Created by Brisbane-based business the Bahari Bay Company, these jars of goodness are the ultimate daily mood booster.

Available in both Rejuvenating and Alleviating blends, these exquisite aromatherapy smelling salts contain Himalayan pink salts, infused with blissful blends of essential oils. All it takes is 2-3 deep inhales to alleviate feelings of stress and anxiety or rejuvenate your mood. They even stock restorative roll-on oils and face spritz for on the go!

SFH Designs 

Jewellery, clothing and home décor; SFH Designs really does have it all! SFH Designs is located in New Farm, stocking a range of colourful and distinctive products, with a global take on vintage and traditional fashions. If you’re unable to get to the store, you can also shop for a range of their beautiful products on their website.

Founded in 2013 by Brisbane- based designer and WNA member Sarah Hutson, all products are ethically sourced to bring together a rich collection of colour and culture.

Humble Leaders Book 

It wouldn’t be a Christmas gift idea list without WNA’s first-ever book collaboration!

Through the chapters of Humble Leaders you are introduced to twelve amazing women, all WNA members, from diverse backgrounds, both culturally, career/industry wise, geographically and with very different life stories. They each offer a unique story of how they overcame their challenges and roadblocks, both personal and professional. These collections of stories will no doubt inspire and uplift the reader!

Finally, when you spoil your clients (or yourself!) with a special gift from our list this Christmas, you are also helping to support local. (As if you needed another reason!)

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