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Wed 6 Jun 2018


Digital Technology

After reading the 6 steps involved in Content Marketing, you may have felt overwhelmed.

It is a lot of work, and many business owners struggle to find the time to create great new content.

So – don’t.

The good news is, there are two shortcuts you can take with your content marketing.

Today, we’re going to look at the first one: becoming a content curator.

What is a Curator?

Traditionally we think of a curator as a person working in a museum or art gallery. Their role is to carefully select pieces in keeping with a certain theme, and then to display and share them with the public.

Shortcut 1: Become a Content Curator

It’s the same in the world of content marketing.

Instead of always creating your own content, you can curate content. Sharing the latest news and other snippets from your industry can help to build your position as an authority.

It’s also likely to be quite easy for you to do, as you will encounter plenty of useful tidbits in the course of your workday. However, you can spread your net further, by:

  • Setting up Google Alerts for your subject matter, products, competitors’ names;
  • Following relevant leaders and companies on social media;
  • Attending conferences; and
  • Reading trade magazines.

Once you’ve found something interesting and relevant, you can share it:

  • in your email newsletter;
  • on your business Facebook page;
  • on your website or blog.

What about Copyright?

How you share this content is important – you don’t want to be guilty of infringing copyright. So, you could mention and link to the other article or site, and add your point of view, before sharing with your own audience.

And if in doubt, always seek permission.

Now that you know how to curate content, take a moment to list some of the people and brands you plan to follow online, in the comments below.

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