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Wed 10 Apr 2019

Demystifying LinkedIn

Business By Social
Jo Saunders
Jo Saunders recently presented at our Perth Event about Demystifying LinkedIn. Keep reading to find out more.

With 610M+ members and growth remaining at 2 new members per second, LinkedIn is an essential marketing and sales tool for any business or career woman.  In order to be found, remembered and chosen by your ideal clients and target market.  In this overview session, Australia’s LinkedIn Demystifier Jo Saunders, demonstrated why LinkedIn is important for making a great first impression in search, how it can be used to build your brand, and turn connections into potential clients, through content and conversation.  

It is said modern humans have an attention span that is shorter than that of a goldfish. In reality when it comes to social media we have seconds to capture attention, so it is more important than ever to optimise your LinkedIn presence to capture and engage attention.

When it comes to your LinkedIn profile, does it….

  • Represent the value your bring?
  • Share your professional story?
  • Showcase your talents and passion?
  • Establish credibility via social proof?
  • Show up in search

Conduct an incognito Google search for your name, where does your profile show up? And does it represent you accurately?

In Perth recently, Jo shared the five most important parts of your profile, which are grouped as:

  1. Visuals – Profile photo and background
  2. Copy – Headline, Summary, Experience
  3. Media – Documents, Video, Images and links to support your profile
  4. Social Proof – Skills endorsement and Recommendations
  5. Activity – Engage with your network , posts and articles that add value and credibility.

Aside from building an optimised branded presence, LinkedIn is the largest professional network, and a powerful research tool. It is a search engine for people, companies, content, and a place to list and find jobs.  Showcase your character through your profile. Build your company presence with a Page and create community through using Groups

Creating, curating and conversing on LinkedIn allows you to reach your network beyond your 1st degree connections. Focus on posting content that adds value not volume, and put the rest of your focus into relationship building activities, which is the essence of social selling (not salesy posts). Post and engage consistently to increase your visibility, add value to build authority and take the time to join conversations and ask questions in your own content to invite engagement and build influence.

Check out Jo’s presentation slides:

If you missed attending live in person, register for the free webinar: on May 27

Get help with your LinkedIn Strategy.

Take Jo’s 7 Day LinkedIn Challenge for no cost, which includes her LinkedIn Profile Blueprint to help you optimise your LinkedIn presence:

About Jo Saunders

Jo Saunders was named #2 LinkedIn Expert in Asia Pacific for 2018, is co-host of #TheLinkedInCouch and the co-author of Get Good or Get Off – A guide to getting it right on social media.

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