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Tue 7 Jul 2020

Destress Tips To Calm And Clear Your Mind Part Three

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No matter how much is ticked off your To Do list, there’s always more. There’s that underlying, nagging feeling that you should be able to do it all, you should be enough, and you are not.

The louder the white noise, the harder it is to focus, be productive, patient and, heaven forbid, actually relax and enjoy life’s adventures. MIndset coach and healer, Sue Lester, shares more of her favourite mindset tips.

Here is the last in this series of ten of my favourite top mindset tips and actions to help you relax, de-stress and take back control. Many are suitable for the workplace, and only take a few minutes.

Unconscious Blueprint™. This is your internal image programming your behaviour. If you struggle with feeling “grown-up”, lack confidence, self-esteem or tend to be reckless to your regret, then you may have a disempowering unconscious blueprint. Fortunately, it can easily be reprogrammed. You also have unconscious blueprints™ of others, either empowering or disempowering them or you. Think who you are intimidated by, or are dismissive of.

Action: Learn how to identify and update your unconscious blueprints with the book “The Face Within: How To Change Your Unconscious Blueprint” by Sue Lester.  Contact me to ask for your three free chapters.

Focus on Results. You’ll always get results, it’s just a matter of whether you like them. Lapsing into reasons and excuses, blaming others or your past, or even beating up on yourself will only keep you stuck and miserable.

Action: Just acknowledge the results weren’t what you wanted, then ask yourself & experts, “What can I do differently next time, so I do get the results I want?”

Reality check. We each have our own map of reality, that is, how we experience the world through our own beliefs, experience and values. We get along easily with those who have similar ‘maps’, and struggle to understand those whose maps have little overlap with ours.

Action:  Stop wasting energy wanting someone to accept your memories, your perspective. It’s not personal, and you are both right in your own realities. Accept your differences, acknowledge each other’s strengths, and find ways to get along together.

Purge. Having too many unresolved issues and unspoken words swirling in your head will result in poor sleep, ensuring your resilience for the next day is low.

Action: Before bed, write it down – swear, scribble, forget spelling punctuation grammar – purge! Keep writing until you feel lighter inside. Don’t re-read it, that’s like eating your own vomit (yes, yuck), destroy it by shredding or burning (mind your smoke alarms).

Like any new knowledge and skill, the more you practice these, the better results you’ll achieve, and the easier you’ll deal with stressful situations. Integrate one at a time.  Consider how you can share these with your team, at work and at home. If you’d like help to put these tips to great use, don’t hesitate to ask.

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