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Fri 9 Apr 2021

Did You Know… Your Book Title Decides The Type of Clients You Get?

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Sometimes people are so clear on what they want to write about and even have already decided on a Title for their Book, but they don’t realize how big a mistake that is!

When a Nutritionist, who wanted more women to know about the importance of foods,  the health benefites and so forth, she came to me to write and publish a book.

She had firmly decided on a title for her book. 

She knew the value of marketing  an optimized book with me.

Because her clients achieved amazing outcomes with her methods, like maintaining focus the entire day, without that mid-afternoon slump, she wanted to write about: The Importance of the right Food to stay Healthy.

When we had the initial one on one session, which is part of my Write & Publish a Marketing Optimized Book in 6-Weeks or less Program, this nutritionist discovered through my detailed questioning process, a very different, much more powerful topic which attracted specifically her ‘very best’ clients.

Naturally, we all want to work with great clients, right, especially those clients who are happy to pay for our services?

For this Nutritionist, her very best clients were women in their early 50’s who wanted to avert menopause health issues by eating the right foods.

In her preparations for writing her book, it did not occur to this Nutritionist the importance of choosing a title that will attract the very people she wanted to work with.

This is something so many people in business who write a book, miss. Some people simply start writing their book and rely on an editor to make it ‘readable’ and then they rely on a graphic designer to make the cover ‘attractive.

What they completely miss, is, like with any marketing, what you offer is about your client. The one way you make your offer, and in this case, your book, attractive to your clients, or at least the very client you want to attract with your book, is by making the title specifically about that client or about something that the client is desperately looking for.

We made the Book Topic and Title specific to the Nutritionist’s best clients, those women in their early 50’s:

‘The most nutritious Diet for Women who want to stay motivated, energetic and happy during and past menopause.’

Fine-tuning who the best client is, getting clarity on the overall business and offer and where the best return for the Author is, are part of Writing and Publishing a Marketing Optimized Book.

Only the correct title, one that connects with the client, will make it possible to market your book and make book sales and also invites the reader to connect and want to become your client.

After publishing her book, the nutritionist said: “… Being able to clearly articulate what it is that I do, write the Book on that Topic and now have ‘pre-sold’ prospects contact me, is an absolutely amazing outcome!”

I share a lot of other examples of how to write and optimize a book so people will buy it and want to work with you, in my FB group,  follow this link here. 

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