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Wed 30 Nov 2016

Do You Need To Love What You Do?

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Perhaps you’re feeling indifference where there ought to be passion? Apathy where there should be purpose? Resignation where there should be excitement?

The reality for many business owners is that you’ve worked hard, you’ve done all that you thought you were supposed to do, and now you’ve reached a point of disillusionment. You might even be questioning if you should be in business at all. You might be thinking about closing up shop and trying something entirely different.

What is most probably missing is your mission AKA your primary aim AKA your Higher Purpose AKA your “Big Why”. This is what gives you a sense of direction and motivates you to your highest levels of energy, putting you at your best. Your Higher Purpose is there, within you right now. But most of us simply haven’t identified it.

You may be looking for fulfilment through your business – or maybe your business is just there to pay the bills. Maybe you once had it and it’s gone, or maybe you’ve been looking and never found it. But, until you recognise and define your Higher Purpose you’ll find it hard to locate anywhere, especially in your business.

Your Higher Purpose creates a force for guiding your life and the important elements within your life, and among them happens to be your business.

So if you no longer love your business, what do you love? Identifying what moves you, what drives you, what exhilarates and inspires you will change your perspective on everything – your life, your choices, your relationships and naturally your business.

It will give you a new frame of reference for decision making and will help set your life’s real priorities. This in turn will put your business in its proper perspective. In a very real way, this will be the foundation for your business transformation because you’ll be able to step outside your business and look at it objectively.

You’ll be able to shape and mould your business into whatever you want. You’ll be able to work on your business in a whole new way with renewed passion and purpose. Or, if appropriate, to do something completely different.

So the answer is definitely yes. In order to find the fulfilment and success you seek (however you define success for you), you do need to love what you do.

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