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Thu 21 Jan 2021

Don’t Just Work from Home: 5 Best Places to Work Remotely

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According to research done sometime back in 2018, people working remotely are more productive due to its many advantages. Human beings are normally different in tastes and preferences.

Some of them prefer working in quiet places away from the city disturbances and noises.

Remember, a person will be more productive when they are comfortable and there are fewer distractions.

There are several places where one can comfortably work remotely.  
Some of them include coffee shops, tree house accommodation, coworking space, libraries, and private member clubs.

1.Rent a treehouse

Treehouse accommodation is one of the best places for you to work remotely. It is normally constructed on one mature tree or more above the ground. The tree branches or the trunk supports the house. Working in a treehouse (Checkout this treehouse accommodations in Victoria as an example), you will enjoy the fresh cool air from the trees. There is also a quiet environment for maximum concentration, especially if you are handling technical projects. Bonding with nature has numerous benefits because nature has a way of giving back to people. I don’t imagine something better than working from a treehouse because you kill two birds with one stone enjoying yourself as you work.

2.Coworking space

Coworking spaces are becoming popular these days among freelancers and small businesses. Most people like them because they are more flexible than traditional normal offices. In most cases, the Coworking spaces run 24/7 hence more convenient. They are also cheaper than renting a traditional office, which requires a lot of commitments and regulations. Coworking space will provide a working spirit. Therefore, you will be more productive. Remember working from a home office has some disturbances, for example from children unlike in Coworking spaces.

3.Coffee shop

Some studies suggest that working while taking a cup of coffee can improve your productivity. That’s why we have many people working remotely in coffee shops. People don’t want to drink the normal homemade coffee because they want the best results. Remember, not all coffee shops are work-friendly, so choose the right one. You will need things like sockets to charge your laptop, availability of WIFI maybe, and a relatively quiet environment. First of all, I would suggest you consult the management, especially if you are going to work for long hours. It’s important because some coffee shops have policies that don’t allow people to work there.


If you are working remotely, you need to join your local library to experience productivity on another level. When you become a member, you will be entitled to many benefits. There are enough resources for you to refer to, especially if you are working on a research project. The best thing about libraries is one can concentrate on their work for a long time. When working in libraries, you will access printing facilities easily.

5.Private member clubs

They are not common among many people, but they are very productive because they are formed by people with the same interest. When you are in a group of people with the same interest, growing is very easy. Most of these clubs host conferences, and you will interact with different people as you work. It’s easier and more productive to work in a group of people with the same goal because you can always refer.  

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