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Mon 27 Jun 2016

E-Motions Are Everything

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Recently, a friend and I attended a 2 day multi-speaker event in Sydney with Tony Robbins as the keynote speaker. I had seen Tony present previously, so I knew his style. I was obviously impressed last time. This time, I was absolutely blown away with his content though, feeling he spoke directly to ME. He truly touched not only my head, but also my heart. There is a saying “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” Well….I was certainly the ready student….and the fabulous teacher appeared. There were so many gold nuggets – from learning that at 13 years of age, Oprah delivered a stillborn child, to Tony growing up with an alcoholic, physically abusive mother and now suffering from Mercury poisoning!! “It’s not what happens to you, it’s how you handle it.”

Tony also asked the audience asked whether or not we remembered what we were doing and where we were on 11th September when the Twin Towers collapsed. Nearly everyone in the audience could remember – because of the emotion attached to it. Hardly anyone knew what they were doing or where they were on 10th September! This is because of the EMOTION attached to the event.

I also learnt that Motion Creates Emotion. I actually thought it was the other way around. If you are feeling down, get into POSITIVE activity…move, create motion. Your mood and attitude will absolutely improve. Guaranteed.

In an audience of approximately 4,000, I was so thrilled to get up close and personal with Tony, a 39 year veteran of changing peoples’ lives. And I received a hug from him too. Whilst I don’t idiolise Tony, I certainly have the utmost respect for him. He has the runs on the board and continues to impact people globally.

I am so thrilled to have attended such a wonderful positive, inspirational, learning event. I truly thank the organisers and FEEL, BELIEVE and KNOW that I am now destined for the success I deserve, so that I too can positively impact people globally.

Get into YOUR motion so that you can be the success that YOU deserve.

Your speaking is a Business, treat it as such and it will rewards you as such. Here’s to your speaking success.

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