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Fri 8 Feb 2019

Five ways to find your vocal confidence

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Can you speak up for yourself? Speak up for your business? Speak up for others? Achieving ‘voquality’ begins with your voice! Read more from Sally Prosser.

A group of Redlands Coast women are speaking up for their businesses, since having learnt the secrets to voice control at Redlands Coast Event on Wednesday.  Read more around what Expert voice coach Ms Sally Prosser shared on her tips to help women achieve “voquality”.


Every woman has a powerful voice and something to say, but it’s not always easy to speak up and be heard.  Here are five ways to find your vocal confidence:

  1. Put your wings on! This is my trick – feel free to steal it!

    Imagining I’m wearing Victoria Secret Angel Wings keeps my shoulders back and makes me feel like I can fly.  Good posture is essential for a strong voice, so remember head up, shoulders relaxed and down and avoid collapsing your torso like you’ve just finished Christmas lunch!

  2. Breathe low and deep

    Oxygen fuels our voice and sadly many women go around speaking on almost empty!Breathing only into the top part of your lungs might keep your tummy tucked but it won’t do any favours for your voice.  By breathing low and deep you’ll get a lot more air – and you can engage your diaphragm, which is the muscle that powers your voice.

  3. Don’t try to sound like a man

    Many studies have found lower-pitched voices are more commanding, more credible and more confident.  Some women, however, make the mistake of trying to sound deeper by pushing the voice into the back of the throat, which sounds fake and pompous.  Focus on sending your vibrations down and out through the walls of your chest to create a deep tone that sounds authentic.

  4. Beware the ‘I don’t want to be a bitch pitch’

    You know that high pitch we skyrocket into when we want to sound super friendly?
    It can actually come across as an invitation to be dismissed, not taken seriously or walked all over.  Speaking from the diaphragm and chest can of course sound friendly, without sacrificing your power.

  5. Stop talking!

    Women have a reputation for talking too much – and yes, I’m guilty of this one too!
    In many situations, less is more. Strip back words that don’t matter, so words that do matter will be heard.   Research shows filler words like um, ah, like and you know go against your credibility and detract from your message. Try replacing these words with pauses.

All of the above will help this last one. If you find your vocal confidence to be heard, you will also find the vocal courage to command silence!

To find out more about how to be a confident speaker, head to www.sallyprosser.com.au

Also, come along to Sallys’  FIND YOUR VOICE workshop on March 2nd. Use promocode EARLYBIRD to secure your spot for less than $200.

Sally Prosser is an experienced voice coach, with a background in media, speech and drama.

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