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Sun 22 May 2016

Health or Wealth?

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Not many would argue against the ideal being to be both healthy and wealthy, but where are your choices really leading you?  And what are your choices actually saying about you?

To become, and stay, wealthy you need creativity, determination, focussed action and leverage, PLUS a healthy respect for money so you nurture it, carefully saving and investing to multiple its benefits. Those who lack that healthy respect for money and themselves simply spend all they create, using it to unsuccessfully plug up other holes in their souls. Those ‘holes’ may be low self-love, self-esteem, or self-worth.  Those same ‘holes’ also lead to poor health choices and over-consumption, irregular sleep, stress-overload and not enough movement.  Good health gives you the energy to create and maintain wealth, and to enjoy its rewards.

Part of growing wealth, in many industries, is having an external appearance congruent with societal expectations of what ‘success’ looks like. In our Western culture, that generally equates to slim and well-groomed, particularly for women.  Strength of purpose, energy and discipline are presupposed. Self-respect therefore generates external respect.

To become healthy, if you’ve lost your natural way of being, you need creativity, determination, focussed action and leverage (sound familiar?), PLUS a healthy respect for yourself so you nurture yourself, carefully investing in your overall well-being.  Depending how far you’ve allowed yourself to stray, you might need some wealth to purchase the services and products needed to support your return to good health.

However, sustainable health and wealth are not achievable if your deep underlying belief is that you don’t deserve it, are somehow unworthy or simply not good enough. Self-sabotage will set in at some point in your journey, depending on your wealth ‘set-point’, the benchmark where your self-beliefs match your income.  Poor health choices with consequent illness, wild spending patterns or poor decision making will be utilised to fulfil your internal programming.

So the first step to creating wealth is to change your internal programming, including your unconscious blueprint ™, so you become someone worthy and capable of taking action to become and remain healthy and wealthy (in all senses of the word).  Modalities such as Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and multiple Brain Integration Techniques (mBIT) have highly effective techniques for reprogramming our beliefs and actions.  Since no amount of money can compensate for feeling ill and in pain, your health becomes the next priority before and while focussing on wealth generating options.

Shifting your focus to all that you desire, rather than on any lack around you, makes the journey more enjoyable as you notice aspects of your desires as they start to appear or already exist in your life. Any current lack, in finances or health, is not who you are, it’s simply a result of who you were showing up as before, and the actions you chose before.  Taking consistent focussed action, no matter how small, in the present will now create your future. What your future looks and feels like is up to you.

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