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Mon 25 Mar 2019

How Do Successful Businesses Thrive?

Business Planning & Strategies
Can there seriously be a more exciting time to connect and collaborate with a successful woman in business?

Aside from the great tips, tools and techniques that are shared at these networking events, there is also the opportunity to develop closer relationships and get to know each other’s story. To understand how we each arrived at this current destination point and more importantly to listen to each other’s aspirations of where we want to go in the future and how we can help each other.

So when it comes to understanding what makes a successful business thrive, there are literally thousands of people ‘Talking the Talk’. Millions of books have been written on this topic and more hit the bookstores and Amazon every day. There are hundreds of live pod casts, seminars, workshops, TEDX Talks and if all else fails then Just Ask Google (JAG). Thanks to advances in technology and other communication mediums, we can be a part of this growing transformational shift if we can hone in on who our ideal AVATAR (client) is and the best way to reach out to them. The flip side of access to all this technology and keeping it updated is of course that everyone has the same access to this information and we can also become overwhelmed trying to sift through it all.

Our global economy is extremely competitive for your almighty dollar. You can often purchase online and have it delivered from an overseas outlet quicker than you can purchase it and have it delivered within Australia. So as the changing trends continue with millennials and baby boomers and where they source their products and services from, here are a few thoughts to consider:

  1. Brand Recognition and Reputation – if you think that what others say about your business or service doesn’t matter then you might need to rethink this. Social media has become a very powerful tool for shaping what is trending in the market place regarding goods and services. If you own a franchise then what happens to one affects them all. This is especially relevant when it comes to products that may be recalled. Industries, where there has been ongoing public and government scrutiny like the financial services and banking industry, can also have a negative impact if you are in a related business.
  2. Product Knowledge – is powerful. If you and your staff can clearly articulate the benefits of what you have to offer then you are half way there to making the sale. People are becoming more consciously aware of supply chains and their own carbon footprint. They want more environmentally friendly products that are not tested on animals and are manufactured closer to home, rather than imported from overseas.
  3. Feedback – do you follow up on whether your clients are enjoying the benefits of your products and services? Do you offer them a discount on their next purchase or visit? If not, why not?
  4. Referrals – rewarding your existing clients and business associates when they provide a referral can be a very cost effective investment rather than spending thousands of dollars on a marketing campaign.
  5. Compassion – a little touch of humanity can go a long way in increasing your client base by sponsoring an event and or offering a percentage of sales to a chosen charity.

Happiness is my key focus word for 2019. When I know that the TIME that I have spent with my clients has made a difference to them then I know that I am fulfilling my heart’s desire to Live My Dreams, and to help others to Define, to Catch and to Live Their Dreams too. Remember that we are a Collective Network of Amazing Women who build trusting relationships to support our successful business to continue to thrive and WE ARE MORE POWERFUL WHEN WE WORK TOGETHER.

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