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Thu 7 Jul 2016

How Does Mobile Marketing Attract New Clients?

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Let’s first answer: ‘Mobile marketing, what is it?’

Mobile marketing is marketing on or with a mobile device, for example, a smart phone. Mobile marketing can provide customers with time and location sensitive, personalised information and be part of staying in touch.

Think about it, your clients, your customers, are mobile. Mobile phones are in the hands of your customers up to 24 hours a day!

Mobile Marketing includes:

  • Being visible on Mobile Devices
  • Follow up with customers via Mobile Devices
  • Capturing leads via Mobile Devices
  • Being in touch with customers via Mobile Devices
  • Advertising to be seen specifically on Mobile Devices

You know that your customers use mobile phones, tablets, laptops on the go. You also know, you need to be visible on Mobile Devices but how can you use Mobile specifically to attract new clients?

Here are 3 Tips how to attract new clients, using mobile marketing:

Instead of exchanging business cards physically, consider setting up mobile business card capture via your smart phone. When you tap this directly into an automated email or sms follow up message, you are building a new list of prospects ‘on the go’ and create the opportunity to nurture this list of prospects.

2. Trade Shows
When you are on a trade show, a trade event, or at a conference use your smart phone, tablet or laptop and offer a ‘Give Away’. Consider what prospects would like to know or know more about and offer some of that as a FREE sign up and send to their email address. This is a fast way to collect new clients using Mobile.

3. Presentations
Consider speaking or presenting your expertise knowledge at events. Using sms messaging you can attract new clients immediately by offering your slides or a special offer. You know everyone has their phone at hand. Ask the audience to get their phone out and text their email address to a previously specified phone number you’ve set up, to receive your offer. You will be able to powerfully collect a list of those people definitely interested in your product or service.

With the right Mobile Marketing set up, you will be able to attract new clients fast and easy. Make sure you attach follow up automation and ongoing nurture to convert these new clients to get to know, like and trust you and stay for more of your offers.

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