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Wed 19 Jul 2017

How Mobile is Changing the Customer Experience

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Customer touch-points and catching consumers during their day to day activities is what we all strive to achieve as marketers.

This scene has dramatically changed even over the last 18 months. This mirco-moments are the new battleground for attention.

How many of you have your phone as your lifeline? Do you feel naked if you leave home without it? According to Mitket and Zogby Analytics (10/2104) 87% of millennials have their smartphone by their side day and night. This little device has changed our lives.

87% of us do research before entering a store

So what are these micro moments or touch points that are changing our behaviour from texting in a cafe, to listening to a podcast on the train to checking our Facebook update. Here are some interesting stats from Google Research.

  • 91% of us turn to our phones for ideas in the middle of a task – we are making 100s of tiny decisions
  • 20% of us are using mobile in online shared sessions
  • 65% of us look for the most relevant information regardless of the company providing it
  • 60% increased using our mobiles for bookings from Uber to Menulog
  • 90% are not certain of the brand they are looking for online
  • 65% check out something we see on the TV our smart phones if interested
  • 70% of us search “how toos” on You Tube
  • 73% getting useful information is the most important attribute when selecting a brand
  • 90% of us say we use multiple screens every day to look and book for hotels, shopping and electronics
  • 40% of us research on a smartphone and then purchase on the desktop.

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