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Mon 14 Jan 2019

How to Balance Work and Family Life for Busy Parents

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It takes an extra effort, dedication and commitment for a parent to strike a balance between work and family life especially where one has to work full-time. However, it does not mean that balancing work life and family life is unattainable.

1. Embrace a Positive Thinking

Many parents spend most of their time feeling guilty of neglecting their children. This leaves them unproductive at their workplace as well as in their families.  It’s very important to start thinking positively about the job that you hold and how beneficial it is to your family.  See it as an opportunity for you to accord your children a good life, quality education as well as a stepping stone to great investment which eventually will lead to financial freedom. It is also worth noting that you are not the only person getting through such a situation.  Find friends and partners who have experienced such and share with them.  That will give you relief.

2. Have a Family Regular Activity

It can be a night out to the movies, a walk around the estate or even routine dinner together as a family. This activity does not have to be very organized, the key thing is that it can be simple and impromptu but it is done as a family. This will enhance your cohesiveness as a family and it is also a time to catch up with each other’s news. Such regular activities strengthen a family bond and enhance a strong relationship. Such a close family relationship is important for children as they are able to share out their mind regardless of the limited time that their parents have with them.

3. Take Good Care of Yourself

Very hard working parents have an issue when trying to strike a work-life balance. They easily get drained in other activities to a point of forgetting themselves. It is true that most parents are either thinking about their children or their partners and rarely do they take time for themselves. In order to be productive in your family and at work and to avoid stress, here are a few tips on how to take care of yourself:

Healthy Eating

In the midst of many activities and duties to accomplish, it is so tempting for one to live on junk food, however, in order to maintain the health of your body and cope with stress, it is much advisable for one to eat healthy. Healthy eating does not mean you have to spend hours preparing a meal. It only means making sure what you eat is a nutritious and balanced diet.  Always remember, if your health fails, your work fails and your family health fails.

Routine Exercise

Spare 20-30 minutes to jog around or to perform an exercise that will make your body active. Some of the jobs that some parents do require long hours of sitting in the office which can make your body get clogged. Being active will help you to stay healthy.

Have Ample Time for Sleep

Avoid overworking yourself at night during the time meant for sleep. Sleep is very important in boosting your entire well-being. In case you realize you are not able to accomplish all your duties and they are spilling over to your sleep time, look for a nanny to help you so you get enough time for yourself.

4. Tune Up a Good Mood

Children will always adopt their parent’s mood.  When you are in a good mood, the entire environment for the children and your partner is conducive. Good mood regardless of the situation will enhance a good family relationship.

5. Be Organized

Create an environment that will help you start every morning fresh. Organize every family member; what to wear, what to take for breakfast, put in place everything that may be required during the day. This will make it easier and will help you avoid starting your day on a frazzled note. Having in mind that most of the tasks that you need to do are completed will help you prepare yourself and take breakfast at ease.

6. Stay in Touch During the Day

Define a way that you can stay connected to your children during the day. For the young children, you can record a voice of yourself and send it to the caregiver to have the children listen. This helps the children to stop feeling alone and missing your presence. You can also record your voice reading their favourite storybook. It is also highly recommended that the caregiver has the parents helpline in case of an emergency.

7. Organize a Family Calendar

Every family is normally characterised by some events where some are a must attend while others are just meant to define the family. Such events are very vital if left unattended in the name of being busy at the workplace. For instance, a family member’s birthday is one of such events that a family needs to honour irrespective of how occupied the parents may be. For this reason, a family calendar is very important for a family where such things as dates.


Work-life balance is attainable with the right planning. Once it is achieved, it forms the basis of happiness for a family and subsequent freedom in economic, social and physical growth is seen.

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