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Wed 3 May 2017

How to Create and Publish a Killer Twitter Video

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When looking at statistics on online video consumption and how video is taking over the web, it is obvious that producing and distributing video content should be part of any business’s marketing plan.

Plus, Twitter is now focusing heavily on video so taking advantage of it will benefit you greatly and will enable you to stand out from all the noise. In fact, most Twitter users prefer consuming video content. 82% of users watch video content on Twitter and they receive 2.8 times more retweets according to Sprout Social.

Since Twitter videos can only be 140 seconds long, the first step is putting together a script that allows you to effectively convey your message within that timeframe. So the first step is deciding on the style of the Twitter video: a direct-to-camera video with a presenter or a voice over video.

Then, the second step is putting together your script.

It is important to structure your script in the following way:

  • Introduction: The introduction should grab people’s attention, usually by stating an attention-grabbing headline.
  • The content: This section should include some useful information to keep the viewer engaged, to position yourself as the expert on the topic and to whet viewer’s appetite and make them more likely to follow your call-to-action.
  • The call-to-action: The call to action should be really clear and also time sensitive. Make sure you add an element of scarcity to your call-to-action to make sure people take action now rather than later.

The third step is producing your Twitter video. Should you want to create a direct-to-camera video, you will need video equipment such as a microphone, a camera, access to good lighting and editing software. Should your video be a recording of your screen with voice over, you’ll most probably just need a screen recorder software such as ‘Screenflow’ and a headset with a built-in microphone. You can also record a video tweet within Twitter, if you have an iOS or Android device.

Once your Twitter video has been created, simply login to Twitter, and type a caption/description for your video tweet and click on the camera icon to upload a video to Twitter.

When uploading your video, make sure your file size is not more than 512MB. To upload a video to Twitter from your mobile device, it should be either as an MP4 or MOV file. To upload a video to Twitter from your computer, it should be an MP4 file.

Once your video on Twitter has been published, market your video tweet heavily. Don’t just rely on getting traffic to your video on Twitter from your existing Twitter followers. Instead, leverage Twitter ads to market your video on Twitter further. In fact, use other channels to promote your video, by sharing your tweet on other social networks such as Facebook.

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