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Wed 20 Jul 2016

How To Grow Your Business By a Factor of 10

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I have just returned from an amazing trip to Vancouver where I had the pleasure of attending the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) annual meeting.

On the very first day, the 2016 MDRT president, Mr Brian D Heckert shared a simple yet very powerful story.

The story Brian shared was an experience he had at his very first MDRT meeting a number of years ago and where he had the pleasure of meeting the great Ben Feldman – one of the greatest sales people of all time.

At this chance meeting, Brian asked Mr Feldman for a piece of advice. He asked ‘ what do I need to do to be as successful as you sir’? of which Ben Feldman replied. ‘Add another zero to everything you do son and dream big dreams’.

As simple as this may sound, this one line has had a profound impact on me.

I began to see almost immediately how powerful it could be if you applied this concept to every single aspect of your life.

Add another zero simply means thinking 10 X bigger in everything you do. Increase everything you do by a factor of 10 and watch your results multiply.

I began thinking what life would be like if we added a zero to our health and lifestyle choices? Our business activities? The way that we think? How we treat people and live our life?

What would your life be like if you added another zero to all of your efforts? Where could it take your business? Your health and wellness? Your mental well-being? How good could we all be?

Add another zero will be a concept I begin to apply immediately. When I am at the gym wavering on stopping to push myself just that little bit further, I will remember to add a zero to my effort.

When I sit down to do my business planning and at the point where I question whether or not my big, hairy audacious goals can be achieved, I will add another zero and dream even bigger dreams.

When I am doing preparation for an up and coming presentation or workshop – I will think even bigger and do more.

Everything I do is going to be multiplied by a factor of 10.

What things could you do to amplify and multiply your results exponentially by simply adding another zero to everything you do?

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