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Thu 20 Jan 2022

How to Help with Midlife Menopause Matters

Health & Wellbeing

It’s well known that menopause can impact women to varying degrees. For some, it severely affects their quality of life, not to mention the effects it has on health, fitness, and general wellbeing.  It’s important to understand the role of menopause in our mid-life years and what women can do to look, feel and stay healthy!

Menopause has its own rules and can wreak havoc on hormones and metabolism. For many women, the transition into menopause, brings with it many challenges, not only on the inside but also on the outside. I’m thinking those extra fat deposits in areas that it hasn’t been previously, hot flushes (which generally occur at night causing insomnia), a higher risk of cardiovascular disease as well as insulin sensitivity and insulin resistance.

So, what things can be done to help women through any changes in their mid-life?

Leanne and Fitness Tips Say!

Sleep Strategies;

  • Use a fan by the bed at night to help with hot flushes
  • Avoid caffeine before bed
  • Keep the room dark
  • Go to bed earlier and get up earlier
  • Pre-bedtime breathing techniques for relaxation

Food Focus;

  • Cut out all refined foods and high protein (up to 30% of daily intake)
  • Drink plenty of water, at least two litres a day


  • Incorporate moderate exercise. This has proven to reduce blood pressure
  • If you are having trouble sleeping slow down on any high intensity workouts


  • Black Cohosh – Studies show that this can be effective in helping with hot flushes
  • Kava – for anxiety reduction
  • Red clover leaf and Ginseng have also be shown to help with the many symptoms of menopause

As well as the physical effects of menopause, it is also important to remember how this transition affects mood and mind set. Make sure to talk to people and lift the stigma of this midlife change that all women have to go through.

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