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Tue 20 Mar 2018

How To Run A Successful Laundry Business Through SEO

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As a laundromat owner or manager, you are constantly wondering how to promote laundry business to bring in new customers and make more money. You might have already looked into traditional advertising methods such as newspaper ads, flyer marketing, and signage, but there are also a variety of search engine optimization (SEO) strategies that can help you market your business online. And many of these SEO methods cost a lot less than other marketing options.

When considering how to market laundry business online versus other methods, consider these benefits and how getting more traffic to your website can bring more customers through your door.

1. Rank Higher in Google Search Results

One of the primary benefits of SEO is that it can help your company website to rank higher in Google search results and attract a lot of targeted traffic. While traffic from other sources such as Facebook and Twitter are also valuable, traffic from search engines such as Google is known to convert into leads and sales at a higher rate. So getting more search traffic is a major benefit.

The primary ways to boost your Google ranking are publishing blog posts with a rich variety of industry-related keywords. For example, you want to advertise your new washing machine, a Maytag Washer model MVW18MN, you may track the keywords like “commercial washing machine” or “maytag commercial laundry” to this product page. Besides, getting links from authoritative websites, industry blogs, and media outlets are technically important. These backlinks are a major ranking factor and will boost your SEO more than just about any other SEO technique.

2. Get More Location-Based Traffic

Another way SEO will help your business is by boosting your location-based traffic. Local businesses rely on local customers to make money. Getting website traffic from around the country won’t help your local laundromat very much, so focusing on local SEO techniques will convert much better for you.

Be sure that your name, address and phone number (NAP) is consistent across all your social media profiles and online business directory listings. Also, if you are listed with any review apps like Yelp and Glassdoor and any delivery apps like GrubHub and UberEats, then make sure your NAP is updated there as well so that you can receive a solid boost in local traffic to your website.

3. Increase Visibility with GMB Listing

If you haven’t set up a Google My Business (GMB) listing yet, now is the time to do it. Google and other search engines give a lot of weight to businesses who have GMB listings for local search. It is a free service for small businesses and only takes a few minutes to set up. As with the other local SEO tips above, make sure that your GMB location and contact info is consistent with your NAP on other sites to provide the best results.

4. Build Brand Reputation with Customer Reviews

Another SEO tactic that has been gaining even more traction over the past couple years is customer reviews on retail websites and review apps for smartphones and handheld devices. You want to get as many legitimate, positive customer reviews as possible, as these are one of the biggest factors potential customers look at when deciding where to go to get their laundry done. Some customers will drive a few miles further to use a laundromat that is known for its cleanliness and friendly owners, so do what you need to do to earn those positive reviews.

Some business owners go to the extreme and pay for fake reviews to boost their rankings in search results and review apps, but this will eventually get you penalized. Don’t do it! Instead, place some signage up in your facility to let people know you are listed on their favorite social media platforms and review apps and just ask them to leave you a review if they like your service.

5. Get an SEO Boost with Cashless Payment Options

Another factor that is becoming more influential in attracting new customers is payment types. Some apps even list this as a filtering option. So if you have a variety of payment options, you’re more likely to attract more customers. Be sure to list all the payment options on your website and any apps in which you are listed.

You’ll want to have your commercial laundry equipment set up with a cashless payment system such as E-CleanPay. Many potential customers will specifically seek out laundry businesses that accept credit cards, Paypal, Apple Pay or even Bitcoin, while others will prefer a coin-operated laundry business. Your machines should be set up to accept all forms of payment, if possible.

Running a laundry business is a lot of work, and despite the fact that everyone needs to wash their clothes every week, it can still be hard to attract new and repeat customers. Use SEO and the latest digital marketing techniques so that your website, social media accounts and online business listings can attract new customers for you around the clock.

If you have any questions about boosting your SEO please leave me a comment.

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