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Sun 29 Jan 2017

How To Switch Your Mind Off For A Good Night’s Sleep


If you find yourself suddenly wide awake with your head churning when you go to bed, or perhaps are so tired you drop off to sleep quickly, but awaken in the early hours with your head buzzing, this is for you. 

Parents, this can help your kids sleep well and wake refreshed for the day.  Everyone has some form of bedtime ritual or routine.  The purpose is to prime your body ready for sleep.

Unfortunately some routines hinder rather than help a good night’s sleep.

These tips will help calm your mind:

  1. At the end of your work day ensure the next day is planned, and any uncompleted tasks transferred to a time and day they can be realistically completed.
  2. Be technology-free for at least 30 minutes before bed.
  3. So no last minute checking social media, especially if feeling insecure or overwhelmed.
  4. Turn all incoming alerts off on your phone, better still, don’t have it beside your bed.
  5. As you set your alarm, tell yourself you’ll wake refreshed just before the alarm goes off.
  6. Spend time dumping all that ‘head trash’ swilling around onto paper. Note any ‘must remembers’ into your diary, and any insights into a special notepad.  Keep writing until you feel clearer and lighter.  Rip up the pages so no one, including yourself, can read them.
  7. If ‘head trash’ isn’t a problem, write down a list of things, maximum 10, you are grateful for.
  8. Mind your language. Replace “mustn’t forget” with “I will remember”, and “I’ll worry about that later” with “I’ll sort that out at X o’clock on X day.”
  9. Have a notebook and pen by your bed so if you wake up with a gem it can be recorded, without turning on the light.
  10. You can’t force yourself to sleep so relax. Resting is good. Breathe in for a count of 3, and out for a count of 6, and with each breath out feeling a warm waterfall of relaxation flow all the way down your body. (Don’t use this if you are incontinent.)
  11. Think of something/somewhere pleasant, in all its sensory glory – sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and touch. Enjoy being there in your mind, and perhaps there’s even a comfy couch there you can stretch out on, and perhaps even drift off to sleep.

Relax and enjoy. Be kind to yourself.

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