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Sun 31 Jul 2016

How To Use Social Media Marketing and Grow Your Network in 5 Steps

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How are you using Social Media Marketing? Do you have firmly set objectives? Here are five steps to achieve the objective of growing your Social Media Network.

1. The Nod of Acknowledgement

…used Offline:
The nod of acknowledgement is a standard way to let a person know that you see them, without having to resort to using words. The nod of acknowledgement is a wordless conversation.

…the Online Equivalent:

Retweet, Share or Like on Facebook.
Retweeting (Twitter), Liking and/or Sharing (Facebook) or Giving a Thumbs Up (YouTube) for an article or video on a social networking site is considered the head nod. You’re saying, “I liked this, and I have no problem letting everyone else know that.” Often this action goes unnoticed but not unrecognised.

2. Open Hand Wave  

…used Offline:
Saying hello by waving your hand.

…the Online Equivalent:
Repetitious Retweeting, Liking and Sharing on Facebook & Leaving Comments.
If you find or discover a person’s content that you like and share it many times over with commenting, that’s a wave. It’s “Hello, I’m here, and I like your content.” Do this often and consistent, and you will be noticed by the content owner.

3. Eye to Eye

…used Offline:
Agreeing. Seeing eye to eye. Being on the same level.

…the Online Equivalent:
Still more commenting and more sharing. As you do this more and more, that wave becomes eye contact.

4. The Handshake

…used Offline:
A short ritual in which two people grasp one of each other’s opposite hands, in most cases accompanied by a brief up and down movement of the grasped hands. In many cases to signify an agreement.

…the Online Equivalent:
Now you’re in the groove because you’ve repeatedly done all of the above, and have kept at it for awhile.
The content creator whom you’re Retweeting, Sharing and Liking and Thumbs Upping have seen you around long enough that they have a feel for who you are. They can now ‘place’ where you fit into their community. By now, there should be mutual acknowledgement — comment for comment and share for share.

It’s possible that you’ve exchanged comments on Facebook, or personal Tweets on Twitter or a Thank You via private message. This shows they are following you too. Consider this a welcoming into the community because others in the community will see you too.

5. The Introduction

…used Offline:
You come together, convene or arrange to meet with the other person and/or a segment of their network.

...the Online Equivalent:
You receive public acknowledgement.
This happens in the form of Retweets, responses back to Tweets and comments at your blog and/or Facebook. This is either a formal or informal introduction with open arms that welcomes you into the entire community and/or network.

Following these steps, acceptance and trust is now firmly established. Keep it. You’re now friendly and converse online regularly. Your community is mutually supportive and sustaining. Your network is exponentially growing. This is the seed from which joint ventures, masterminds and business deals grow.

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