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Thu 1 Feb 2018

HR Strategies To Keep Your Employees Engaged

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A proactive culture is very crucial for an organisation to keep up in a hyper-competitive arena. Employees must remain engaged and productive to drive business growth.

However, research found that Australia is facing an employee engagement crisis. According to Gallup, only 24% of Australians claimed that they are engaged at work. 76% lack willingness to exert discretionary efforts to achieve goals. As leaders, it is our duty to keep employees motivated so we can win the race.

Here are a few strategies that will you to get the most out of your employees;

Training and Development

Stagnation perpetuates lack of motivation to perform. It is inevitable for employees to feel hungry for professional advancement. Thus, it is important for companies to provide opportunities like specialised trainings, courses, and programs related to their field that would broaden their knowledge and increase their chances for promotion. Also, this strategy will motivate them to contribute more in their roles as a form of ‘payment’ for the training.

Intensive Monitoring

Leverage on effective tools, like Payroll Metrics, to manage time sheets, attendance and rosters. Payroll Metrics is an enterprise-level software that is designed to help you accurately manage the organisation and reach peak efficiency. Work schedules, locations and patterns may vary per role. It is important to use tools like this to ensure that all working hours are recorded, and high performance is maintained. With this technology, employees will be more motivated and engaged because their efforts are visible to the management. Also, this is a cost-friendly way to streamline the process and eliminate the errors that may arise from managing the workforce manually.

Open Communication

Limiting key decision areas to the top-level management will discourage the rest to contribute to the overall goal. It is important to make employees feel that they have a ‘voice’ in the organisation. Employees should always be encouraged to share their ideas, knowledge and skills in their innovation and growth strategies.

Ensure they also feel comfortable in giving feedback, both positive and negative. With an open and collaborative environment, they will feel psychologically safe and valuable in their jobs.

Embrace Diversity

There’s no one-size-fits-all strategy in boosting engagement of a workforce with a diverse set of ethnicity, age and nationality. Thus, it is important for the organisation to develop an authentic relationship with every individual. We should know their attributes, motivations and stories for us to meet their needs. We should use an inclusive approach in mobilising the workforce to nurture a feeling of belonging in a multifaceted workplace.

We should maximise everyone’s potential so they can effectively represent the organisation. After all, our employees are our best ambassadors. Let them be our engine to a thriving and competitive workplace.

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