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Sun 10 Jul 2016

If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes

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I secretly thought I would fail.

Yes, I’ve had a pretty significant health transformation. (BTW, this blog is about more than health). It’s obvious just looking at my photos that I’ve lost a ton of weight. Of course it’s not just about the weight – it’s about how incredible I feel as a result of finally feeding my body the nutrition it has been craving as well as clearing out the build up of internal gunk (that’s not the technical term but it’s very descriptive).

And although I set a big goal and wanted to be one of those people that others would look at and go “Wow!” – not for my ego’s sake, but in order to inspire others – I secretly thought I couldn’t do it. I doubted the system I was using, I doubted what others were telling me and worst of all, I doubted myself. After all, I’d tried lots of things and even though some of them had worked, it was only temporary.

That voice in my head was saying things like “Sure, it might work for some, but it probably wouldn’t work for me” and “I don’t have the willpower” (among other not so empowering self-chatter).

I bet that there are plenty of you that are in the same boat. Not trusting new advances in science and technology, not believing the sales pitches for the next best thing, not trusting what you’ve been told – and certainly not trusting yourself. I mean why commit when you’ll probably fail again, right?

But there are 2 things I found…

  • If nothing changes, nothing changes. In other words, if you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got. If you want a different outcome you must do something different.
  • If you don’t trust yourself you can often put your trust in others until you develop your own. In my instance it was my son (nutrition) and my coach (mindset).

So my message is to take one step, no matter how small – just get started today. Tomorrow will come anyway so there’s no need to worry about it now. And tomorrow you can take another small step. Running a marathon is tough, but taking one step is easy. Everyone, including you and me, can take one small step every day.

The very first step is making the decision that you want it badly enough to change. Simple. It’s just a decision. But it’s hard too – probably the hardest step because of the aforementioned fear, anxiety and doubt.  You will have to get outside your comfort zone, because that’s the only place that change occurs. But once the decision is made the rest will flow.

So the real question is, “Why do you want it?” And is your Why big enough?

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