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Tue 18 May 2021

If You Want Your Business To Thrive, Rediscover Your Spirit of Adventure!

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You may be thinking, “I don’t have TIME for adventure! Who’ll do all the work while I swan off on holidays?” Or perhaps even the mere idea of “adventure” is exhausting? The thing is, adventure comes in many forms, and it’s exactly what you need to get over the relentless grind and stress.


The spirit of adventure is the feeling you get, whether a little tingle, a buzz or a huge adrenaline rush, when you do something different and stretch your comfort zone. It could be simply going to a new cafe, ordering something completely different off the menu, driving home a different route, buying a bright top or scarf, going to the movies alone or with a friend during a weekday, or going to a class to learn something fun or new all by yourself. Change your hair cut or colour! Volunteer.

Even small steps will start to shift your perspective, open you to new ideas and new ways of being and doing. Most importantly, you’ll start feeling better about yourself and your day, lighten up, even have more fun.

This translates across to your business or career, because, as you know, the happier you are, the more easily things flow. What irritates you when you’re unhappy loses significance when you’re viewing each day as a new opportunity to explore and enjoy. People (your customers, clients, colleagues, potential JV partners) are attracted to positive outlooks and actions.

Opening yourself up to new ways and perspectives (while still doing your due diligence of course) can put your business into gear and give you the traction you’ve been seeking. It keeps you and your offerings fresh and interesting.

A note of caution: ensure your adventures are still in alignment with your bigger picture for your business. There are many, many bright shiny adventures that can lead you astray. Stick to your own agenda and vision, just explore different options along the paths in that direction. Experiment with saying no and yes, just because you are allowed.

Of course, planning a big adventure like an extended trek or a significant new business venture, requires detailed planning and preparation. You need to get fit, ensure you not only have the right gear and equipment but are experienced in using it, have insurance and a backup plan, before putting yourself out there. Enjoy all the small adventures while preparing for the big one, and your stress levels will stay manageable.

Remember too, the top of the mountain is only halfway. Use it to view your next adventure, and potential routes, before coming safely down to the next ridge to follow along then up again. In other words, rest and recharge, regroup and re-plan between significant adventures. Acknowledge your progress along the way, celebrating each milestone reached.

What’s one thing you can do today, this week, to re-ignite that spirit of adventure in yourself? And if there were no barriers to you having a big adventure, where would you go? Allow yourself to start dreaming and planning now…just in case, of course. The only real barrier on your path is in your mind.

And if you’d like help removing those mental barriers, then book in for a complimentary chat with me via www.SueLester.com

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