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Mon 8 Oct 2018

Is Having A Coach A Waste Of Money?

Business Consulting & Coaching
The value of having an external professional to keep you motivated, focussed, held accountable and supported, while expanding your personal and business potential, is immeasurable. Unfortunately too many get burnt by their coaching experience, wasting thousands of dollars in the process, and left feeling either disillusioned or overwhelmed, or both.

Here are 5 essential points to ensure your coaching investment pays off as handsomely as it should:


  1. Be clear on what type/s of coaching you most need.   As well as generalist business and personal (life) coaches, there are many specialists for every area you can imagine including transition, mindset, marketing, social media, business systems, relationships, health, spirituality, fertility, and more.  Do you need systems or marketing or just focus and accountability?   There is no point just hiring a business coach if your business stagnation is really due to your disintegrating marriage, or your lack of self-esteem/confidence.
  2. Choose the right level coaching. If you are not financially, structurally and mentally ready for the level your coach operates on, then it will be a frustrating experience for both of you.  Choose a coach who can take you from where you are to the next two-three levels.  You then find another coach to take you further.  If you know you are at the right level, but struggle to take action, then you need a Mindset Coach so you can get maximum value out of your business coach’s expertise.
  3. Choose a coach you like. In theory you should be able to learn from any teacher, but the journey is so much easier if you have rapport with your coach.  Does s/he understand you, your motivation, humour, passion and business niche?  Do you enjoy working with her?   Is there mutual respect?  Do you like her working style e.g. enough structure or fluidity or accountability for you?
  4. Commit to getting value. You’re investing your time, money and energy.  It’s up to you to get maximum value by communicating clearly with your coach, about your needs, and progress.  If something is bugging you, speak up!  If you struggle to set boundaries with your coach, and others, then find a good Mindset Coach to get you over that weakness.  Allocate time for coaching tasks, be punctual, and prioritise coaching as non-negotiable in your diary.
  5. Bonus value. Does your coach share resources, run workshops, webinars, write blogs and newsletters, and connect you into her network?  Is your coach contactable between sessions?   If you are working with more than one coach, for example, you have a business coach to build your structure for growth, and a Mindset Coach to change your self- sabotaging habits and improve your public speaking confidence, are they willing to collaborate for your benefit?

Great coaching is a challenging yet enjoyable experience that propels you forward faster than you could do alone.  Anything less is a waste of time and money, so choose your coaches wisely.

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