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Fri 8 May 2020

Is Your Energy Good Energy?

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Now more than ever, women around Australia need us to rally together and take action to protect the most vulnerable amongst us.

It could be the Mum you see dropping off their children to school who scurries back to her car without stopping to say hello. The lady in front of you at the checkout in the supermarket who never makes eye contact, or maybe even your next-door neighbour who has never asked you in for a coffee. Domestic violence takes on many forms and often happens under our very noses without us being aware until it’s too late.  

I Empower Through My Power has joined forces with Womens Network Australia to bring good energy back to the home.  

We deserve to feel safe, nurtured and supported in our homes, and our campaign will help to restore this in so many women and children’s lives.  

Home is where the heart resonates for most of us. That it is the energy of the house which fuels the family, yet many are living in their homes in constant fear, their heartbroken or beating under a shadow.   

I Empower and WNA are determined to ignite a movement that has the whole country asking ‘why hasn’t something so important as the energy that fuels our homes always been founded on good energy?’ Clean out the old energy and replace with good energy is a message that touches the soul-deep within Australians. Many of us during this time of restriction have been reevaluating the way we live, now is the perfect time to reevaluate the way we purchase and use our household services.  

The question, Do you want old energy or good energy in your home?   

Together we can transform the thinking across Australia, set a new benchmark of how women use their buying power to change the way we connect and contribute to women for generations to come.   

At the heart of WNA’s vision is to use your power for good, will you join us and use your power for good?  Follow this link now to connect.

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