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Wed 18 Aug 2021

It’s Not Always Your Message, When People Don’t Respond To Your Posts

Advertising & Marketing
Sometimes you're just not saying precisely what you mean because you're not clear on what you do, and that's part of why you're not attracting the right people. Let me tell you more about that.



When people think they have a ‘messaging’ problem (they think their message is not attracting interest) they ‘swap and change’ what they post on social media.

Within a glance I can tell it’s a “deciding what they actually do” problem and that is one of the easiest problems to fix by writing a Book, and here is what I mean:

When clients start in my program, they are asked what outcome they have in mind with writing their book and so they take a close look at what their expertise is and who exactly that expertise serves best instead of thinking their book is right for: ‘anybody’ or ‘everybody’.

‘Anybody’ and ‘everybody’ don’t live on social media if you want to be seen and have your message and your book recognized for your expertise and attract leads and clients.

So, when the clients I work with are asked to figure out what they actually do and who it gets results for as an essential part of step one, many discover:

‘Just being able to clearly articulate what it is that I do is one of the top benefits I got out of the Write & Publish a Marketing Optimized Book Program.’

When you are clear on what you do and who that serves, writing a book offers the space and format to share your message and expertise to exactly the right audience, the one that wants what you offer and then writing your posts and getting responses becomes super easy, at least, that’s what my clients say.

I work with you on clearly defining what you want your book to do for you and in that process, you will discover what topic to write on, who will read your book and that sets you up for the right way of writing the book, and makes it really fast for clients of mine, who typically finish the entire process, from writing, to marketing planning and publishing, in the six weeks of my program.

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