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Mon 16 May 2016

Always Know Your Content Before You Speak

Public Relations & Media Services

Recently I attended an academic presentation at a prestigious tertiary institution. Actually it was for 2015 Academic high achievers/Award winners and 2016 Scholarship recipients.

This was a formal event with guests including business leaders, local government representatives (i.e. a metropolitan Mayor!), sponsors and family members, together with the recipient students.

As some of the Scholarships were awarded by the donating Sponsors, I observed that some of the representatives (from well-known businesses and institutions I might add) did not know the name of the person receiving their organisation’s scholarship. I thought there was obviously “room for improvement” if I can say in Toastmaster speak.

The representative only needed to remember ONE person’s name for THEIR organisation’s scholarship. Everybody’s favourite word is their own name. And these key industry leaders didn’t know the recipient’s name, which I found quite disappointing.

So in closing, I urge you to know your content….or at the very least, if you are making an announcement or presentation of a physical item, know your recipient’s name!

If the organisers of the event you are presenting at don’t provide you  with the information you require to look professional when taking to the stage – it’s your job to chase up who ever is responsible for providing you with the details. Because in the end it’s only you who is going to appear unprepared and unprofessional.

Your speaking is a Business, treat it as such and it will rewards you as such. 

Have you presented or spoken at a function where those staging the event were totally disorganised? How did you get them under control?

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